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Top Ten 2021 Website Development Trends to Drive More Traffic



Top Ten 2021 Website Development Trends to Drive More Traffic

Your website is the first thing anyone searches for if they want to know more about your business. Therefore, it must be updated with the latest web development technologies, right? Developing a top-notch website is important to build credibility for the business. According to stats, there are almost 543 million active websites around the world.

Technology is changing rapidly, and new trends are introduced every day. This makes website developers stay ahead of the game by learning about the latest trends in the market. If your company fails to adopt these new technologies and advanced marketing strategies, you may fall behind in the market.

2020 is witnessing a plethora of technological changes and 2021 will continue to last forever. Therefore, to keep you updated on the latest technological trends, we came up with the top ten website development trends for 2021.


Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

People are using their smartphones to access what they want. According to Business Insider predictions, the number of global smartphones is subjected to reach 6.2 billion by 2020 and more next year.

This demands the need for Progressive Web Applications that display the website’s content while giving you an app-like experience. PWA is becoming one of the most popular trends in website development.

PWA behaves like a mobile app, but it is faster, secure, and gives higher user-engagement. Common examples include OLX, AliExpress, Pinterest, 9gag, etc. PWA incorporates four technologies that are:

  • App shell architecture
  • Transport layer security
  • Service worker
  • Web app manifest file

Almost 80% of people spend more than 6 hours of their day on their phones. People love the concept of PWA, and why wouldn’t they? PWA gives them access to what they want, a better user experience, and fast loading. It is outshining native apps, and businesses are adopting this latest trend in their web development services.


Motion UI

Brands stand at the top because of their sense of creativity and graphics. Motion UI is becoming one of the emerging trends in the field of website development. Motion pictures and animations always add attention to your products/services. With the use of beautiful graphics and moving images, customers get attracted to your website.

Motion UI boosts your conversion rates with the use of UI animations. It executes complex animations smoothly during custom web development. The recent version of motion UI has patterns of CSS with a broad array of Javascript.

This allows seamless animation integration to the website and sets your product apart from other everyday products. So, if you are considering web development, motion UI can increase user engagement.


Push Notifications

If you want to build a direct link to your customers, push notifications is one of the top ten website development trends in 2020. Push notifications are meant to increase user engagement and give a personalized experience. They remind people of the latest products, offers, news, or sale through notifications on their phone.

Push notifications are a convenient way of keeping your customers/audience engaged and updated on relevant things. But, beware of not using them too much; otherwise, users will opt-out of receiving them.


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Speed is an integral part of the quality of the website. Stats show that 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Enhancing the mobile user experience is necessary to increase customer retention and engagement.

Accelerated Mobile Pages technology can be used to have fasting web loading times. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) was first launched by Google back in 2015 and utilized an HTML open framework.


Voice Search Optimization

Optimizing websites with the use of voice search assistants is becoming another latest website development trend in 2020. Voice Search Optimization utilizes artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology to deliver you the most relevant search results. Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Amazon are the most famous examples.

You can optimize your website to VSO using these tips:

  • Your website should be mobile-friendly
  • It should have a fast loading time
  • You can use schema metadata to add more information about the content on your site
  • Integrate with Google My Business to be in local search listings
  • Optimize for feature snippets
  • Create quality content
  • Make your site SEO friendly


Use Of Python And JavaScript

You would have heard about a lot of programming languages. 2020 also shows that programming languages are the backbone of web development. Python and JavaScript are the two most popular languages nowadays.

These languages are used for creating dynamic web pages, web applications, and data analysis software. Python has a huge set of libraries that makes this language a versatile choice. It has a simple syntax and a variety of frameworks. Among the top ten trends for website development, Python and JavaScript are going to be massive competitors.


Artificial Intelligence AI And Machine Learning ML

AI and ML present the world with entirely different sets of opportunities in business. Incorporating AI improves web design, business marketing strategies, and chatbots, and others. AI and ML help developers automate certain tasks that create smarter apps. This ensures quick turnaround time and faster time to market.

AI can help you to develop a website without starting from scratch. It also helps you in quality assurance and testing tasks, which would, otherwise, be very exhausting.


Augmented and Virtual Reality

Visiting specific sites and social media pages, you would have seen those 360° images. Those are made by VR technology and are getting more popular in 2020. AR and VR are optimizing the user experience on desktop and mobile. The rise of these technologies has boundless implications in web design, web development, marketing, and more.

AR and VR are now becoming part of website development. With the use of plugins such as WordPress VR, web designers can add 360° videos. Leveraging this technology can enhance your browsing experience and make your website more exciting.


Single Page Applications

Sometimes, you don’t want to switch to different pages to search for specific information. You just stick to one page and get all the information that you want. Or, if you’re going to buy something and you visit a particular page multiple times. Imagine waiting for the page to load every time. Much of your essential time will be wasted, right?

This is where single-page applications play their role. It does not require page reloading every time. Google Research shows that 0.2 seconds is a good speed of website loading. Single Page Applications reduce loading time, making them faster, easy to access, and more convenient.

If you plan to go for a web development project, opting for single-page applications will bring about more user benefits to your business.


Customer Support and Chatbots

Interaction is essential to know about a specific product or service. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human. This means that technology such as chatbots will become one of the top integrations in website development.

Chatbots are powered by machine learning, which provides information instantly in a conversational format. Like you chat on messengers, chatbots allow you to have a Q/A session for your desired queries.

They provide you with all the answers, for example, if you want to know about a specific product/service or ask other questions. Even a few stats and research show that customers are satisfied with chatbots for their support. This means that human intervention will be minimum, thereby decreasing the cost of labor.



Following the latest trends in the market is essential to keeping your business at the top. Technology is an ever-changing thing, and companies need to keep themselves updated.

We have presented the top ten website development trends to see in 2021. You can start implementing them right away to boost your business. If you need smarter web development services, then reach to a well-reputed 360 degree digital marketing company to grow your business online.

Muhammad Azam is a Digital Marketer and SEO strategist in Edmonton Based Digital Marketing Agency. He writes on latest technology, digital marketing, Data Science, Machine Learning and advanced SEO Strategies. Follow him on LinkedIn and twitter for advanced business solutions in digital marketing and data sciences.