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Types of Instagram Posts That Get the Most Likes



Instagram lies

Likes and followers…That’s Instagram described in three words and that is what most of us live for!

While some people take a brave step and make their profiles public (not talking about influencers), others find it difficult to handle all the fame. Hence, private profiles. Whatever the case may be, Instagram is a hot favorite amongst people these days. Individuals are more likely to put up stories on Insta these days than on Snapchat. Many people have become famous using this platform and are now running successful businesses (talking about influencers here). When one has a smartphone, service like Spectrum internet plans, it is not difficult to claim your share of fame. provided you have the creativeness to come up with unique and artsy posts!

However, there exist certain tactics that influencers (and others) use to up the ‘likes’ game.

Influencers are Ruling!

Influencers (whether they be food, travel or lifestyle bloggers) have a huge following and people take their word seriously. So, if you or your company put up a post featuring an influencer, probability of that post getting thousands of likes (depends on the number of followers you have, but you get the point right?) is very high. Therefore, you should aim to collaborate with more influencers and ask them to give you a shout-out (well, if you are really worthy of one, you’d know better). This will not just bring you more followers but the chances of your sales increasing are also high. So, influencers are your go-to people.

Let’s Mingle with Random People

Random here refers to people who you do not know well but form a part of the community. Posts that portray you as a very helpful person (whether or not you are), tickle the emotional side of viewers and convinces them to double-tap on your picture or video. People love it when they see someone care for the community and engage with them. This reveals the kind and generous side of an individual and helps convince others that you care.

That’s Deep! Oh Really?

How many of you have come across deep or inspirational quotes and reposted it or liked it? Majority of you can relate, for sure. People generally like motivational or poetic posts. Hence, posting such things earns you more likes. These quotes inspire individuals to take action, it gets them excited and in many cases, they can relate to what is written.

Ooh, that Pretty Face!

Posts that focus on just one body part – ‘THE FACE’ are very famous amongst ‘likers’ and ‘followers.’ Have you ever noticed Coca-Cola billboards that feature just the face of an actor or sports personality? Well, the company plays this trick to get more ‘likes.’ No one knows the science behind people falling for such images, but ask yourself. Don’t you hit ‘like’ whenever you come across a very face-oriented post? Human faces have the power of creating an emotional and personal connection. According to studies, photos that feature faces tend to get 38% more likes than photos that do not.

The Scenic Beauty

Posts involving landscapes and sceneries are so tempting and attractive. You can roam around the world while actually not being in that very place. So, get the photographer in you to work and capture the scenic views around you, post them and enjoy the likes that you get.

I Hate Food- Said Nobody Ever!

Another tactic to get the people liking your post is putting up pictures of scrumptious food. A foodie resides inside all of us and coming across a post that is nothing but eatables makes one drool. Good quality pictures that feature irresistible food from various cuisines excites the followers. And out of excitement, they hit the ‘like’ button.

Blast from the Past

Something that really involves the followers and puts them into deep thought is historical posts. The people like pictures or videos that talk about past events or discuss an issue that has had a great significance in the past. It makes people nostalgic apart from educating them about past events.


The word make-up pops up in mind whenever ‘tutorial’ is mentioned. But there is so much more to tutorials than just make-up. Any post that teaches one skill or the other gains many ‘likes.’ So, you might just upload a tutorial and see your video go viral! For example, you can post a video teaching aspiring to work in a company in the capacity of customer reps e.g. Spectrum Customer service and tell the tricks of the trade to them. The list of ‘likable’ videos does not exhaust here. You can also consider the use of hashtags, seasonal photos,  animal posts, BTS, etc. These are sure to get more ‘likes’ on your posts!