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Uncovering TopTier’s Top 3 Secrets to Virality




TopTier is on track to break 500k followers by 2019. Quickly establishing themselves in only a few years as one of the hottest sources for viral and savage college-related memes and content, TopTier is here to stay. What makes TopTier different enough to explain the incredible growth rate they have experienced, especially observing their Q3 in 2018? Research analysts attribute a viral-like explosion of posts on Instagram to eye-popping thumbnails. Whether it be a generous shot of cleavage, alcohol screenshot, or just a generally shocking image, content creators around the globe see and reap the benefit of glorifying their thumbnail to be the essence of their content. In short, the thumbnail (or preview) of a post, ultimately determines its immediate impact in a given community. Under the parameters of maximizing thumbnail catchiness, creators like Jay & Dylan from TopTier firmly grasp what it takes to grow their page.

While this bit of information is especially valuable and great for entrepreneurs, for those who do not care about growing their personal or business Instagram account, there are reasons to care, even if this information is seemingly inapplicable to you upon first glance.

Social media is the past, present, and future of business.

Sorry to break it to you, but if you are enjoying an Amish lifestyle with your business, you may not be in a business that much longer. In the ever-changing, rapidly growing environment of social media (case-study: Instagram), many users and businesses get left in the dust to rot in cyber-infamy. Why? CEOs & entrepreneurs can often lose sight of the here and now, obsessing over the future and not applying their brilliant ideas to relevant causes in their present-day life. Trust me, as the owner of Jersey Champs, I have been tempted to move askew and obfuscate my business path by branching out into other sectors of business. While exploration and discovery, as well as a reproach, are very important: NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS MOMENT YOU ARE ALIVE READING THIS BUSINESS ARTICLE. That is not to say that this article is your bible, but rather, Carpe diem. Life is short, seize the moments you have and save the philosophizing for a cigarette after supper.

Content quality is king. Always, and forever.

Yep. You guessed it. You cannot organically go viral without having a solid piece of content attached to your internet-explosion. You can and should think about investing your monthly surplus into promoting your post with influencer shout-outs, but as Dylan from TopTier eloquently phrased:

“Content is what keeps us alive and well on Instagram. When our Instagram was deleted, we were able to reboot a TopTier page up to 100k followers from 0 at the beginning of rebuilding our page. Content is life.”

Stop worrying about the past.

This bit should be obvious, but often, humans are haunted by their mistakes in their startup phases of entrepreneurialism. I will keep this bit as to the point as the token of advice states: We live in now, not yesterday. If you have been deeply affected by something that impedes your workflow or life-flow, please seek professional and personal help. There are psychiatrists and sources of love and empathy within your immediate circle that can help you work through your roadblocks.

~ Sean Kelly, Jersey Champs CEO

Sean Kelly is the president of Jersey Champs, one of the largest jersey companies in North America. Sean Kelly is a public speaker advocating for young entrepreneurs to pursue business opportunities in America.