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Uses of scooter billboard advertising and other billboard advertising in Brisbane



Uses of scooter billboard advertising and other billboard advertising in Brisbane

Scooter billboard advertising is a miniature and mobile form of billboard advertising which is used to promote business and services in crowded places. The billboard advertising has various forms through which advertising can be done by a company as per their requirement and the kind of consumers they are planning to target. Selecting a form of billboard advertisement also depends on the kind of business, size of the business, and the location of the business.

Here are the uses of scooter billboard advertisement which help gain consumers quickly:

Park at public transport hubs – The public transport hubs in Brisbane are the busiest places with a huge number of people passing by. Parking a scooter with an advertisement promoting a business or service will hugely benefit a company. It would attract a wide number of people who would get to know about the business or service and would suggest the place for the same. It would also help spread the word of mouth as people who observe it would suggest others about the same. The only thing that has to be done right is the advertisement. It needs to be precise and attractive which would catch eyes easily. It depending on are where the business or service is located, public transport hubs are selected.

At large events

Large events such as concerts and sports games have a huge number of people present. It is one of the best places to get noticed by a huge number of people who can turn into consumers. Handing out brochures or templates can be a really difficult task and people might not take or read them. The scooter, on the other hand, can move easily and get noticed by people as it passes by or stays at a place. The uniqueness that it has gets people to notice it. Not just for start-ups, it is a great way for medium and large scale business or service providers to promote their brand or inform about a sale or an offer. Businesses of any scale can benefits from it without having to spend much as it is an affordable way of advertising.

Shopping stripes

Shopping stripes are really long busy roads without people walking and driving by. It is a really busy place where consumers are easy to find. People visit such places to find and buy things or get services. Various kinds of products and services are available at a shopping center. It is the best place to market a product, offer or sale. People will surely check it out before making the purchase or just for the sake of it. If the offer or promotional sale is attractive, they will remember it and suggest it to their friends and family. Either way, the number of consumers for a company promoting its service through scooter billboard advertising on a shopping stripe is going to increase fast.

Restaurant opening

Scooter billboard advertising is really useful at the time of a restaurant opening. It can be used to promote the launch on the same strip and in radius decided by the owners to reach a maximum number of people who can easily visit the place. It is a smart way of advertising for such things. The scooters can move all day in the desired areas or stop at public transport hubs of those areas as people can easily recognize the place and plan to visit it. It helps attract the people of a target area who can and would be able to come to the place. If the same is done far from the place is hard to assume whether the people would come to check the place out or not.

Traffic signals

As scooter billboard advertising is mobile and it would have to stop at traffic lights as other cars and vehicles, it can easily get noticed by people waiting at the signal as they have no other option but to look at it while they are waiting for the signal to open.


There are various other forms of billboard advertising Brisbane that can be used to promote a business or service.

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