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How Website Designing Gets You Involved In Digital Marketing?



How Website Designing Gets You Involved In Digital Marketing?

Entry to the world of digital marketing can be made in a few ways. There are difficult ways and easy ways, depending on your mindset, time devotion, skills, and experiences. Some of the options which often click for people are a career in web designing, content marketing, SEO, branding, web development, and so on. All the professions discussed above have a path leading directly or indirectly to the world of digital marketing. 

Hence from any of these professions, you may easily and gradually enter digital marketing, or directly jump-start into giving digital marketing services by joining hands with a few more people who are skilled too.


The importance of website design and the designer

Website designing is one of the much important parts in marketing, the value of which is not understood by all in this age of extreme SEO centric marketing. Search engine optimization is important. But at the same time, the thing which you are trying to optimize must look interesting and appealing too. The eyes get attracted to a thing first to drag you towards it, and then you notice the finer qualities in it. The same happens on the web too. When you look at a thing online, your eyes at a glance, decide if this is worth taking interest or reading or watching, or you should close it and move on. This decision gets taken in a split-second. It’s just some nerve impulses running from your eyes to your brain and from there to your fingers. 

Eyes capture the image, sends signals to the brain, and the brain tells your fingers to zoom or scroll or play it and look further, or move on and close the window or tab. That’s how it happens, and in just a split second, the decision is taken. And this decision is taken based on the looks, the style, the appeal, and the presentation. Hence, the person who is responsible for creating this look and style, and is called the web designer, has an immensely important role in digital marketing. 


The responsibility is of the web designer to a great extent

The responsibility to make a website worth captivating the target audience in the first place is taken by the web designer who gives the site that looks and design which keeps the eyes of the viewer glued on to the site for some time. And then the rest of the site features, like the user operability, experience, content relevance to the topic, and all the other things follow on to create that user experience which has the leading role in converting a user to a subscriber, follower, or a customer. Therefore, the web designer has a really important role in making a website successful in terms of e-commerce, popularity, and whatever purpose it’s made for. This indicates how much important the career as a web designer is going to be. 


What to anticipate in your web designing career?

As a web designer, you are going to meet and find every kind of people. So many people are making websites for their cause. Some are after business and money-making, and some are after any noble cause, nonprofit or charity, and then some are after publicity, and some are going after glamour and style, etc. Everyone has a purpose behind making a website, but one thing is common in all of them. Everyone wants their site to be seen. 

As the website owner, you would not make a website to be staying where it is untouched, unopened, and never discussed. You are opening a site to show it to people who would take an interest in the content, come to your site, and explore it. Therefore, of course, a web site owner would want the site to have that kind of style, theme, color, looks, and functionality, which would make it worth visiting, revisiting, exploring, reading, and using. 

Hence, you would be getting various types of clients. Some would be confused about what they want. Some would be too much particular about their requirements. Some would be fifty-fifty between confusion and decision making, and so on. To handle them well, you will still have to be steady with your designs and yet flexible to take and implement useful ideas and cut off what’s nonproductive and useless.


How can you start with digital marketing as a web designer?

To start with digital marketing as a web designer, you will have to master the art of web designing. First, complete your studies and training in web designing, and start practicing as a web designer. With time you would gain expertise and experience both. You would learn about the current market trend in designs, the requirement of clients, and the various positives and negatives of UX and UI based designs. Later you can implement content and topic relevant fusions into the design to make them more domain-specific. This way, you may get into unique theme development. And when you develop a solid idea of how marketing works, how sites are optimized, and how your designs can influence optimization in both good and bad ways, then you are ready to start as the web designer and marketing personnel. You can also join a digital marketing company today to start your career in web designing as an intern or fresher.


A bright and promising career

Marketing gets fused with web design in such deep and intricate ways, that when one talks of marketing, then before the content and SEO, and before anything else, it’s the design and features of the site that comes into mind. That’s why the market of web designers and their demand is not going to cease in the near future. You will have a good-paying career in web designing, whether you work salaried, or self-employed.


Wrapping it up

As a web designer, you surely are going to love your career, and have a nice time giving your innovative designs into website making, which would flourish to be some of the e-commerce giants, or great influencing addresses online. Hence it’s not just about money-making and marketing, but a lot about creativity and satisfaction.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.