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Weird Demon Slayer Facts (and Where to Find Demon Slayer Swords Online!)



Demon Slayer is one of the most iconic shonen anime and you’ll see plenty of its characters at conventions across the country. But before you purchase your own Demon Slayer Inosuke sword, there are some interesting facts you should know about all of the characters from this series.

The Reason Rengoku is So Loud
Rengoku is quite a loud character and often can be heard yelling in the anime and manga. This is possibly because he damaged his hearing by repturing his own eardrums. When he first became a Hashira, Rengoku had to face the Flute Demon. To defend himself against this musical villain, Rengoku ruptured his own eardrums.

Akaza… Feminist?
Akaza won’t hurt or consume women. This is pretty surprising since Akaza is often quite violent and is usually looking for a fight. It’s said that he won’t eat women based on something from his past. But Akaza has a hard time remembering his life before becoming a demon. Whatever it is must be important, however, since Akaza knows consuming women will make him stronger yet still refuses.

Inosuke Has a Weird Craving
Inosuke is known for his boar-like appearance and his sword fighting. He is short-tempered, hot-headed, and stubborn. Inosuke has a Kasugai Crow that relays mission specs and other important information — like every demon slayer. But Inosuke’s crow is alwyas hiding from him. That’s because Inosuke trie dto eat it 18 times throughout the anime. Looking to cosplay as this crazy demon slayer? You’ll definitely need a realistic Demon Slayer Inosuke sword from Ice Imports. Detailed and high quality, you’ll look so much like Inosuke that birds will be staying out of sight.

Tanjiro Has a Dark Past
Tanjiro has one of the saddest pasts of all the characters. He is known for saying “whenever happiness is destroyed, there is always the scent of blood.” This is because he started to become familiar with that smell after seeing his mother, siblings, and father dying. He went to his village once and smelled blood. He then discovered a citizen dying. While he was able to get the dying villager to their family in time to say goodbye, it’s clear that Tanjiro has gone through a lot of loss to be able to smell blood.

You’re Too Kind
Sakonji is known for wearing a red, menacing tengu mask. It’s never explained why in the anime but it’s said that he started wearing it because he had a gentle face. Sakonji was allegedly embarrassed by his kind appearance and started wearing a mask to hide it.

Soap Bubbles and Cooking
Kanoa is a wholesome character who has a lot of cute tendencies. You learn more about her hobbies and interests throughout the series. Her favorite thing to do is blow soap bubbles. Kanoa also likes to buy presents for people in the Butterfly Mansion. She likes helping other people cook as well. Kanoa has a soft spot for cats, as well, and always wants to cuddle them.

Blind to the Truth
Gyomei wasn’t always blind. People assumed he lost his eyesight in an intense battle with a demon. But Gyomei actually lost his ability to see as a child when he had a high fever. This isn’t as badass as people initially thought. But it does speak to his courage and strength still.

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