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What Are the Main Rules for Wikipedia Page That Passes Notability Test




Having a profile on the largest wiki in the world is crucial for people and companies who care about their online reputation. A Wikipedia page is one of the few resources that can increase credibility to the same degree as it can. It is a dependable source of information that is not biased toward any one brand, as it is subject to ongoing examination by editors who are not affiliated with the business. Furthermore, Google usually pulls the information it displays on its knowledge panel from Wikipedia, so keeping a page will give you greater control over the data Google reveals about you and your brand.

The one and only potential drawback are that setting one up can be somewhat challenging. The criteria are extremely stringent, and members of the Wikipedia staff are eager to remove content that is supported by sources that can be independently verified.

Creating a page on Wikipedia for your firm may seem like a difficult endeavor; however, the actual challenge is getting Wikipedia to recognize your page as being of sufficient importance. The notability rules on Wikipedia are probably the section with the most room for interpretation. Keep in mind that even if you are delighted with what you have written, that does not guarantee that it will be verified by Wiki.

Wikipedia, which operates as an online encyclopedia, is dedicated to including only those pages that comprehensively cover important topics. Wikipedia offers pages of information that describe its stance on “notability” and the processes that it uses to determine it in order to make its determinations.

If you want to keep your Wikipedia article up and make sure it gets the attention it merits, there are a few general guidelines you should follow.

Wikipedia Page Notability Guidelines

Be Objective in Your Writing

You need to make sure that the tone of your page is even and unprejudiced. You should avoid using a sales pitch or terms that reveal how you feel about the firm you work for. To keep your page active on Wiki, you are required to write content that is objective at all times. This procedure, which can take up to a month, involves Wikipedia editors going through each new page submission very thoroughly to ensure that it contains objective information.

Cite Recognizable Sources

Mention news sources that the audience is familiar with. This is not the time nor the place to list every single publication that has ever made reference to your organization. While selecting the news coverage that most accurately reflects your brand, you need to exercise the same level of discretion and specificity that you would when optimizing your website for search engines.

When deciding which sources to credit, it is important to examine whether or not the reader is familiar with the source. Imagine something on a grand scale, like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, or other major business publications. Make every effort to avoid listening to or reading the news on regional radio stations or newspapers that are based in small towns. Although coverage such as this is still valuable, it is vital to establish credibility with readers by referring to publications that are read by a more extensive demographic.

Link to Ten News Stories

You should make an effort to link material that tells tales about your firm and how you create customer experiences that are distinct from those offered by competitors. This may include coverage of your organization’s big ideas, important case studies, events, product launches, and other similar topics. Selecting coverage from credible news outlets is essential, but so is making sure that the chosen articles accurately portray your company. We strongly advise that you link to a minimum of ten different news sources. It is possible that it is not yet the appropriate moment for you to join Wikipedia because you do not yet have at least that many reputable outlets talking about you.

When you work with a Wikipedia writing service or independently working professional Wikipedia writers, they guide you carefully about how linking several stories can benefit your page.

Include Images

Included photographs are the very last piece of the puzzle that is your Wikipedia article. This is of the utmost significance. Eye-tracking research was carried out at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and the results showed that visitors spend an average of 5.94 seconds looking at the primary image on a website. Given how quickly humans are able to digest new information, that is a very long period of time. The findings of this research indicate that the photos you select do matter a great deal and will contribute to the reputation of your organization.

We advise utilizing photographs that are both of excellent quality and considerable size. A picture of your company’s headquarters or a professional photograph of your team both functions very well. One more suggestion is to make use of an image that demonstrates how your items or services are utilized. This makes it easier for readers to picture what your company is able to perform for them.


If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to construct a Wikipedia page that is well-written, objective, visually appealing, and develops readers’ faith in the content (and possible customers). Wikipedia is just one component of the comprehensive internet presence that your organization maintains. If you are still confused, consider hiring Wikipedia writers or searching for notability assessment services online and letting them handle things for you.