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Which Subscription Boxes Offer the Best Tactical and Survival Gear?  



Subscription Boxes

As long as people keep hiking into the wild, subscription boxes will always be in demand. Whether venturing into the unknown, climbing the mountains, or preparing for uncertainty, you will need the appropriate gear. 

Unfortunately, many subscription boxes flood the market, making it difficult to know the best. Imagine the frustration of getting into the forest to discover that you need something missing from your box.  

When it comes to tactical and survival gear, you need to work with someone you can trust and who has a reputation for consistency and quality. This article will show you the best monthly tactical subscription boxes for your outdoor adventure. 

1. Crate Club

Only a few names ring a bell when talking about the best monthly tactical subscription boxes like Crate Club. It is the pinnacle of the survival box stockpile, and every lover of outdoor subscription boxes knows it.  

If you want to get field-tested gear curated by professionals – something that can make you survive the toughest of times, get a box from Crate Club. 

The good news is that whether you are a starter, an experienced adventurer, or a pro, you’re guaranteed to get quality essential stuff.  

Crate Club will consistently deliver much more than you paid for. No filler junk, no sissy stuff, and no dull moments! Talk about variety, talk about usefulness, talk about Crate Club. 

Adventurers have various options to choose from. It doesn’t matter what level of outdoors you are in; there is always a crate for you. If you’re a new or casual tactician, you can buy the Lieutenant package. You will get basic supplies such as self-defense tools, fire starters, EDC gear, and much more for your enjoyment. 

You can check out the Captain crate if your level is beyond the casual adventurer. Not only does it contain all the items in the Lieutenant pack, it includes medical kits and other outdoor essential kits. 

If you consider yourself a pro, you might want to try either of the Major and the General crates. The Major package includes items like a flashlight, optics, purification systems, and all the items in the Lieutenant package. 

In addition, the General tactical survival package includes specific items such as custom bulletproof bag inserts, binoculars, tactical self-defense flashlights, all survival and EDC tools, and everything you need on the front. 

2. BattlBox 

A tactical and survival gear that can withstand emergencies and arrest disasters may not be easy to find. But anyone familiar with extreme situations and the functions of subscription boxes must have come across BattlBox. 

Experienced campers will not joke with the offering from BattlBox. A team of professionals and seasoned outdoorsmen put together expertly selected items to meet your monthly needs. 

BattlBox knows what you need to survive outdoors. You can pick your choice from 4 of their outstanding packages.  

The basic package is suitable for beginners; you can find items, including manuals, emergency kits, and some outdoor gear survival tools. The Advanced package, curated for the gear junkies, includes camp equipment, hiking essentials, and all items in the Basic package. 

The Pro package contains sleeping bags, backpacks, and tents, including all items from Basic and Advanced to Pro. 

The Pro Plus enjoys the advantage of the original KOTM Club and well-known brands like TOPS, Kershaw, CRKT, and many more. 

3. Barrel and Blade 

Barrel and Blade is one of the most popular tactical subscription boxes available on the market. Field-tested, expert-approved, and carefully selected and tailored to meet every outdoor need. 

The slogan at Barrel and Blade is “if we don’t use it, we won’t send it.” This implies that their items are trusted and tested. Their experts and some of the most knowledgeable friends collaborate to offer only subscribers the highest quality, best value, and the most useful gear. 

Barrel and Blade come in two distinct packages, level 1 and level 2. Level 1 consists of a tested and proven box full of tactical, survival, and EDC items, while level 2 contains more valued items, including preparation accessories, knives, and gun accessories.  

Outdoor and survival enthusiasts will find this box useful because of its tactical outfitters, water-purifying technology system, defense and survival weapon kits, and much more.  

4. Club Tac 

Club Tac is another excellent subscription box designed primarily for military veterans. It’s one of the few tactical subscription boxes approved by the US military for use by their armed forces. 

Each box includes about 3–14 hand-picked items by former US Marine experts, survivalist experts, and technology specialists and has all you need to protect you and keep you alive.  

Cub Tac comes in 4 tiers that you can choose from: The Standard Supply, Pro Supply, Premium Supply, and Legendary Supply. The Standard Supply Drop includes some plain items that are cool and practical survival items. 

The Pro crate contains much more advanced gears suitable for surviving some of the most dangerous battle situations. It’s an upgrade from the Standard tier. The Premium Crate includes some crazy stuff, such as bulletproof armor, ballistic masks, and some custom products that can stun even users new to outdoor adventures. 

In the Legendary Crate, you will find everything from Standard to Premium and some incredible hard-core gear designed for covert-ops missions. 


You need to be equipped with the best gear to help you complete your mission and also survive it. Instead of hand-picking these gears by yourself, try purchasing one of these tactical subscription boxes we’ve listed; they’ll save you time and the stress of shopping individually.