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Which Type of Logo Should You Use for Your Business?



Which Type of Logo Should You Use for Your Business?

Are you familiar with the guessing game where a person is not allowed to talk and then he is instructed to draw something on the whiteboard and his teammates should guess it right or they will lose a point? Usually, the word they are guessing are popular brand names and wittingly they draw familiar logos, so it is much easier to guess.

Imagine that we are playing a game! I’ll draw a mermaid in a box, with its tails by its side, then you would probably guess that it is Starbucks. Another one, if I draw an old man with eyeglasses inside a box holding a chicken, then I know a smart intellectual like you would right away answer that its KFC.

My point is that these iconic logos have been very helpful for consumers and customers. They help identify your brand, your company and what your business is offering. It’s exciting how a simple caricature, character or an abstract design can hype a person by just looking at it. It’s an important identity not just for show but it really helps a person connect with your store.

I, a valued customer and an avid fan of products can attest to this. For example, if I stroll into a mall and spot a yellow, letter “M” with a red background, obviously it is McDonald’s. No doubt, I will surely, right away go in that direction and enjoy a delicious meal inside their store, taking my time. If you understood, logos give a huge impact to us consumers, especially if your company logo or signage outside catches my interest.

So to help you have an appealing image for your business. Read on and carefully study your options so you can create the most suitable emblem for your company.


Abstract Logo Marks

If you want to create something without restrictions, something related or not to your business interest. Consider using this type of logo. Usually, this type of logo uses geometrical shapes and combinations to capture what they want to deliver. Also, this type of logo produces a very unique outcome, since creating one doesn’t have limits. Try recalling logos of Pepsi, Windows, and Adidas, they are the perfect examples for this type. If you want to see more samples just browse, custom signage samples for a wider perspective.


Brand Mark

If you want to create something that people will right away understand your business interest or what are your business offers, then this type is suitable for you. Brand marks are usually simple but capture everything you want to deliver or sell. It is quite wise if you want to use these logos for letters or calling cards. But remember, if your company is not that yet popular or known to the public, it is advisable that you incorporate your company name at the bottom of the brand name, so people can easily recognize it.



If you are a minimalist, letterform is the right logo for you. It is usually a one-letter design with a customized font style and unique color. The thing about this type of logo is that we only have 26 letters in the alphabet so you always need to incorporate uniqueness in the style of your logo. You need to insert some tone and emotions into your brand name. It must be memorable and creative, remember you are only using one letter. So you really have limited options in designing. But remember, that McDonald’s, Yahoo and even use this logo and they turned it into something that sticks in a person.



This type is also called monogram, they are like letterforms but instead of using a single letter they use syllables or initials of their company if it is too long. Like the generation that we have today that loves to abbreviate things if you want to be in trend, don’t be afraid of using this type of logo. Though take note, just like letterforms, make sure your style or font captures your interest and don’t forget that appropriateness always matters in signages like this.  Notable examples for this type are Louis Vuitton, Home Box Office, and Federal Express.



If your business wants to appeal to families or kids, the right logo for you is by using your brand’s mascot or character. This appeals right away to their target customers. For example, if you go to a grocery store and pass by the cereal lane, you would notice that they use all sorts of colorful mascots to appeal to children. Most fast food chain businesses also use mascots as their logo, making a fun ambiance to their customers. But bear in mind, that your character should be unique, fun and appealing to avoid backlash. Also, like any other type, remember to incorporate appropriateness to your business interest, this will make your business distinguishable. You would see this type of logo in brands like Lacoste, Penguin, KFC and Wendy’s.