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Why do You Need Social Media Marketing for Business?



Why do You Need Social Media Marketing for Business?

As a start-up company, you might not have the budget needed for marketing that bigger companies have. So, you should put your money in a good place, where you expect to get the most from. Social media marketing is one of the most overlooked yet important things today and over 90% of the companies use this tactic for marketing their products. In the market, only those businesses survive that keep up with the changing trends. Look for cheap social media marketing services in New York if you want your business to be in everyone’s sight.


Everyone’s on Social Media

The most important reason for you to have social media marketing services is that most of your customers or clients are on social media. It is estimated that most people check their social media accounts for at least 5 times a day. On social media, you will become successful in engaging new leads and reaching your target audience. Social media has also enhanced the ‘word of mouth’ phenomenon of marketing. For example, if your target customer is not on social media, he or she would hear about you eventually as someone close to them will tell them about seeing your product on social media.

With the business accounts getting different features on Facebook and Instagram, you can actually market your product sitting in an office place. According to statistics, it is evident that adults between 18-34 years of age, these days, are following most brands due to social networking. Moreover, social media marketing does not eat up as much of your budget as other marketing tactics do.


Make a Brand Image

With social media marketing, you can build an image for your brand. If you are posting a certain kind of content, people will associate it with your brand. Starbucks is popular for its out-of-the-box marketing techniques. For example, they post-digital artwork of people and ask them to tell their stories. This is how they engage their audience through Instagram as people are attracted to the artwork.

Similarly, Daniel Wellington started the hashtag campaign, #WheresWellington and this brought a lot of engagement. They asked people to take pictures of themselves wearing the company’s watches in different parts of the world. Customers need a way to connect with the company and if you give them a reason to connect to your business, their trust will increase in your products and services.


Get Your Word Across

With social media marketing, you are able to get your word across more quickly and efficiently. Most clothing brands have their whole business going on social media as this is where they are targeting their customers. Any affordable social media marketing services in New York will tell you that you can get your customers interested if you are posting the right things.

  • Inform customers about promotions or sales
  • Inform customers about upcoming products
  • Ask for their feedback
  • Hold polls on social media accounts to judge customer response to products
  • Get customer support to directly be in touch through messages or tweets

You should not expect the customer to come to you. At this age, you can actually go to the customer, through their phones or laptop screens. Even the most popular apparel brands like H&M or Zara market their new collections on social media. When people see something they like, on your social media page, the next day they will be in your store to buy it. You will be able to find affordable social media marketing services in New York as many marketing firms are offering it as an extension of their current marketing framework.