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Why Everyday Is Another Chance To Go Viral For HoodClips



Why Everyday Is Another Chance To Go Viral For HoodClips

Take for example the following scenario. You wake up in the morning. Your Gucci alarm clock startles you as you hop into your Pink Fenty slides and slip into your signature kimono. You have 30 minutes before your morning run, coffee, and a round of business calls. The moment is yours. You fire up the pan and begin cooking yourself the routine homemade breakfast: Whole Wheat Toast with The Marketing Genius Behind Tekashi 6ix9ine

Honestly, I don’t remember where I was on 9/11, but I do remember where I was when I first heard “Gummo” by 6ix9ine.

Now, after reading that first sentence were some of you bothered by what I said or maybe you found it funny? Truthfully, it doesn’t matter. As long as some emotional reaction was triggered I have already won. Society loves controversy; no, society thrives off controversy, and if you don’t, believe me, I insist you look up the rapper known as 6ix9ine. Everything about 6ix9ine, from his music to his branding revolves around the topic of controversial debate, whether he is picking beef with your favorite rapper, tattooing the number ‘69’ on his body, or putting out questionable content on social media, he is constantly in your face.

The 21-year-old rapper is of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent and looks like if My Little Pony was adopted by Bloods. From his rainbow hair and outrageous tattoos, he is a living, breathing embodiment of an internet meme. This meme mentality that 6ix9ine uses for his branding take a lot of tricks from iconic meme pages such as HoodClips.

6ix9ine’s rise to fame was built off the ever so growing meme culture from Instagram pages like avocado, Turkey Bacon, and Egg-whites served with Coffee (with a dash of unsweetened almond milk), a Mango dairy-free yogurt, and 4oz cup of Naked’s Blueberry Smoothie. Time to enter a productive mindset with the proper fuel!


Slow down. Shut up. You don’t have any of that. You’re a hard-working student with bills, obligations, and on top of all your course load and class work, you have to sustain a job in order to enable your social life. How come this is so difficult? It turns out, Gen XYZ & millennials often suffer from the same difficulties in budget management from a young age: The Internet Creates Buyer Temptations To Frivolously Spend Money. Let’s eliminate that from your weekly diet of content absorption. There are a few important tips to keep yourself positive, active, and healthy that CEO Sadiq of Hoodclips shared with me. Read, react, annotate, and review some highlighted points we discussed.



  • Be active, be communicative, and be diligent.



~ Active is the mindset of someone who wants to propel their career upwards.


~ Communication is what fuels the engine of conversation; thus, enabling your betterment in the minefield of entrepreneurs, contributing toward a commonwealth.


~ Diligence is being aware of your budget’s parameters, planning accordingly to scenario-based situations in one’s life, and devoting time to self-health & self-care.


  1. You will lose some $ along with your entrepreneurial spending habits.


When starting out, paid submissions for content approval & page-to-page collaboration may seem overwhelming- and it shouldn’t. Before entering any creative field with a serious worker’s cap on, one should note that the grit to actually earn passive revenue from this volatile outlet is an extremely advanced feat and the perk of E-commerce. While we can observe patterns and trends in successful ads, as we all know, nothing in this life is guaranteed…except that you have a family and taxes.


  1. Get ready to fail, fail some more, fail again, then succeed.


Not all memes are equal. Some have jump scares, some are formulaic, some are short lived, some are eternal…the question becomes: What will be your niche of memes to supplement your page’s growth? It is no secret that memes are beneficial to get across any given point. A meme could be a societal cliche, a trending, funny gif or snippet, a recurrent spammy joke- anything! When we create ads and content for our targeted, niche demographics, we must keep in mind the age range we are appealing to with our meme-tailored advertisement and (or) post.


It is apparent that CEO Sadiq of Hoodclips has grasped these points in his work on the Instagram juggernaut video-network, Hoodclips, amassing over 10 million followers, organically surpassing entrepreneurial legends such as Gary Vee & Tai Lopez. Follow the  Hoodclips Instagram and do not hesitate to submit your content for approval on their massive outlet!


My all-time favorite quote from Sadiq of Hoodclips goes…


“You can crave something as much as water, but will you fantasize your desires or rationalize them?”


~ Sean Kelly, Jersey Champs CEO, Entrepreneur


Sean Kelly is the president of Jersey Champs, one of the largest jersey companies in North America. Sean Kelly is a public speaker advocating for young entrepreneurs to pursue business opportunities in America.