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Your Branding Should Not Look Like You’re Marketing




Branding in the business of fashion is as important as the oxygen for humankind. Branding for a fashion label is everything from what their customers see, listen and taste and among all of them when we talk about ‘luxury branding’ it’s all more than what we can even think about. Into the world of fashion, every label tries to cope-up and introduce the latest trends to their buyers but what actually is challenging is the invention. When it takes a fashion label branding everything gets important from the technology being used to the designs being broadcasted. There’s a brief taxonomy behind luxury branding, while branding is sometimes everything and other times nothing.  Everything into the word branding depends upon who is going to be your customer, for example; an intermediary luxury which could include a specially made outfit with some part of it being a replica could be an expensive thing to buy for a student but same as an haute couture from a designer may sound just an ordinary thing for a wealthy heir. But after all of it though branding is a very important part to work upon for all fashion companies. So What is it which makes a good branding? A lot of it. Should I market my label to brand myself into the market? It depends upon your goals. What is the difference between Branding and Marketing? All of it as the difference between salt and sugar. And among all of it once at times, a designer from Mumbai over a random talk asked me,” Mohil Can You Give Me Few Tips On Branding My Label?” And for all those people with the same question, this article is specially featured for your fashion label branding.

Fashion deals with a manically competitive market and talent is the core part of the world of fashion. But when we talk about talent it is something which is readily available to the industry. Before the era of Instagram and Facebook and other digital platforms, let’s say during the pre-digital era a fashion, brands were built using some classic marketing strategies using print and TV as a medium. But nowadays branding has to do with all three major media which may include print, television and Online media or can be said as new media. But while they’re seeing the value of branding, they usually see marketing as a cost center – not the driver of sales.

So how’s it that branding and marketing got into a single sentence? So before we start with the 10 important tips to proper fashion branding, the foremost and the most important tip which I would give to my friend would be:

Your Branding Shouldn’t Look Like Your Marketing

My friend looked at me in a very astonishing and confusing way to what I was saying to her. Well just to clear out the doubts in her mind I explained her the statement with a most suitable example – Marketing has to do everything with sales. So when Armani or Louis Vuitton comes up with some promotion which has its direct relation to the sales of their product that’s marketing and not branding. So when a company says that “come to us we’ve better service than the company which you take service from” that’s marketing and not branding. So marketing pushes out a message with a motive to get more sales while branding doesn’t say someone to buy a product or service but instead, it says “this is me. This is why I exist. If you like it, buy me, support me or suggest to me.” While marketing is tactical, branding is strategic.

Here are some more tips which you may find important while branding your label or company:

Real Gold Don’t Get Rust

When you’re working on the word called branding it is always a fact that branding has to do a lot with building trust among your audience and while that point of time if you’ll fake it, you’ll lose it. So instead of faking it, be real to get real. Do not make a mistake assuming or considering your audience as fools, they’re smarter than what you think. So be it whether you’re focusing on making a good brand presence online or physically it’s always advisable to go on an organic path as well as remaining authentic. If you’re really serving good, people even go miles far to buy authentic products or services, so anyways your business will keep working well.

STIDH – Skill, Talent, Innovation, Dedication & Hard work

Work with these five qualities of successful branding. Improve your skills, Be more talented, Innovate and Introduce new things, Remain Dedicated to what you’re working and Work Hard. These five things will work as a key to branding.

Make You Own Stage

Into the above point with skill, talent, dedication and hard work we also talked about being innovative. If you’ll go show your talent and the wrong place and with innovation, nothing will help you make a brand. So it is very important to take a point and then remain loyal to that point. To give an example to this point I’d tell you that is an online fashion website focusing on fashion news, business of fashion, style, beauty, trends, and arranges interviews with top-notch designers, stylist, and people involved in fashion; that’s what is but when I talk about taking a stand onto something, that can be that is working upon getting a revolution into the world of fashion.

Focus on Ten & All of Them Will Follow You, Focus on Thousand and No One Will

Work for a specific target audience. As a famous quote says ‘to get something, you’ll need to sacrifice something’ so when branding it’s very important to choose the right target audience and work according to their demands and needs rather than focusing on different target people and jumbling the branding thoughts. So appealing to everyone around you is not advisable.

Write it Down

Jotting down some significant points is always on the go for everything you be into. Writing down about branding is reflecting the soul of your brand on paper. Writing it down covers the brand image, brand mission, the core values of the brand, its market image, etc.

Be Constantly Communicative

Communication is the key to build a conversation; while the right communication is the key to the brand building. Whether you’re focusing on new media, print medium or broadcast media it is very important to be a constant communicator with your audience. You’ll not be able to create a buzz about your brand or products overnight unless you’re Marc Jacobs, or Karl Lagerfeld, or even Manish Malhotra into the fashion business. Being constantly communicative doesn’t mean to be a chatterbox or buying the whole media but it pacts with the right PR campaigns. Choose the right message – Choose the right medium as per your target audience – Shoot your message right away.

Unite with the right people

When you’re building a brand, it’s essential that the people involved with your brand are the right people. Lots of celebrities out in the market are building themselves as a brand and if you both have a common avowal to convey, it’s very common to envisage that you both would be dealing with almost the same group of people. Sit and decide your companies strategy, goals and the replica you’d like to create into the mind of people and upon the basis of it choose the right brand ambassador to be the face for your brand. This will not only help you get great publicity but also will be the best manner to convey a message. For example, Your brand deals with manufacturing and designing boho style clothes, hunt for the right person present into the world of fashion who also deals with boho styling and unite. Work with influence and influence the world of fashion.

Give Expected Things

It is foremostly seen that some brands just believe with the fact that brand building just comes with right PR campaigns, promotions and activities to pull people to your business but they forget to work also upon giving the right products. After all the brand-building effort you put, the purpose lies behind everything is to drive the audience at your business but if the business is not providing the right products expected by the consumer everything gets contradictory to what was expected. While giving the right products and marketing the product, I always believe to show 80% of what you offer. This will not only help you build a good image into the mind of your customers but also will keep your customers loyal to your brand.

BrandingThe Evolution of Social Media

Nowadays brand building has a lot to do with Instagram feeds, to Facebook posts and Tweets over the web. The social media is like a ruler behind every brand and it is easily possible that you can show anything and everything about your brand using social media. Social Media can be considered as the power of brand building which can be used almost free of cost. People keep on scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and other social media almost 24/7 without any bounds. Brands who would use Instagram in a right manner could give their users a feel to be involved with the company. They could share the backstage, while also sharing their latest haute couture up with the time.


Mohil Sheth is a Founder of, a fashion news portal that sources fashion news, latest trend, criticism and advice. He is also working on a media-tech start-up Carrot Creative providing start-ups and corporate end-to-end support in marketing, advertising and PR. He also runs a non-profit, One Tree : One Dollar that offers a dollar to plant a tree with an aim to grow more than a million trees. His topics usually remain around innovation, fashion, business and art.