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California Artist Cari Melodic Releases her first Project titled “I Dedicate”



There’s a new artist on the rise and her name is Cari Melodic! She’s a dope female emcee out of California, looking to let her voice be heard all over the world. What we like about her is she’s passionate, and she speaks her mind. She’s not afraid to speak up and touch on controversial topics. With her youthful voice, hip-hop looks and heartfelt lyrics we can tell she’s a student of the game. You can tell by her delivery she’s been through a lot and wants to make a change, making a difference in others lives is what she’s all about. She’s just starting out, but already has a handful of singles, music videos and a full length project on all streaming platforms as well. That shows the consistency and just how bad she wants to make it in the rap game. 


One of her most notable singles titled “Make Change” highlights just a few of the things she feels need to be changed such as the homelessness epidemic. She credits her family for having a good ear for music. Music played a large influence on her growing up. Melodic also credits writing poetry and being involved in poetry clubs to her lyrical ability. She writes all of her own songs, hooks and harmonizes. Melodic enjoys all music and is inspired by the east and west coasts styles as well as down south hip hop music. She is inspired by unique and intellectual artistry. Heavy artist Inspirations to her in the music realm have been Nas, Lauryn Hill, 2Pac, Aaliyah, Scarface, UGK, 50 cent, Nipsey, Kendrick, Too short, MC Lyte, and Missy Elliot.


Her full length project titled “I Dedicate” was released September 9th 2022 to all streaming platforms. We love everything from the artwork down to the themes of the project. It’s a certified classic, as it gives nostalgic vibes of what hip-hop used to be. The artwork depicts Cari sitting on top of a clean black old school ride sitting on spokes. While wearing her hip-hip fit baggy pants and white sneakers looking towards us as if “she’s about to take us on a ride” or if she’s about to take over the music industry as we know it. The project also features another cali artist “Lil Thugga” on a few of its tracks. She’s actually Cari’s younger sister and she too has immense talent. She can also be seen in one of the pictures, from the photoshoot for this exact project. It’s great to see siblings share talents and push each other to be great. Thugga has a nice voice making her a really good singer blessing the tracks on hooks, bridges etc. It’s refreshing knowing you’ll get a mixture of hip-hop and harmonies blended together when these two collaborate!

Cari gets deep on one of the tracks on the project titled “Fentanyl”. This song speaks on the negative impact this substance has had on a lot of people over the years. 


She stated: “Fentanyl has affected many of us and is a very sensitive, and very real world wid problem. I have lost personal friends and family members due to fentanyl overdose. I created the song ‘Fentanyl’ to bring awareness to a serious issue that’s plaguing our communities.”  


Things like this is what hip-hop was about before and we commend her for taking a stand against these issues. We wish her the best in her career and whatever she partakes in the future in music. Ms. Melodic has a bright future ahead of her as she’s on the right track. Keep her on your radar as she looks to become on the marquee female emcees in due time.


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