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Changing the Rap Game: Meet Up-and-Coming Rap Powerhouse, Nonchalant Sosaa!



Nonchalant Sosaa is an up-and-coming rap superstar from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At only 8 years old, Nonchalant Sosaa family knew he was packed with talent, drive, and passion whose ultimate goal is to become the next big rapper of his generation. Nonchalant Sosaa is up to making history and aspires to one day win music’s most coveted award, a Grammy or two.

Nonchalant Sosaa is unique and has a rawness about him that is unmatched by any other, and his name encompasses all that he is, all that he has gone through, and all that he hopes to be. The name “Nonchalant Sosaa” originated from a combination of honoring one of his favorite rappers, Chief Keef, and the “Nonchalant” emerges from his personality, Nonchalant Sosaa used these backings to create his stage name and the rest is history. From a young age, he used music as a way to express his emotions. Music is his outlet and has served as a conduit to help him break through dark times. Nonchalant Sosaa “used to write a lot of poetry to cope with things, but after a while, Nonchalant Sosaa realized he could voice his poetry and put it to a beat.” Upon self-discovery of his talent, he decided that rapping was a career path he was meant to follow.

Thanks to social media and the internet, it has never been easier to get your music and videos online to create a following. Nonchalant Sosaa jumped on this trend and would post videos of himself rapping on Youtube and Instagram. One post, in particular, changed his career as it gave him the opportunity of a lifetime. In November of 2010, Nonchalant Sosaa posted a video to Instagram of her showcasing his rap skills and purposively used the hashtag #TheRapGame. By fate, Nonchalant Sosaa immediately got contacted by the WarnerBrothers Network asking if she would be interested in being signed to Warner Brothers, Warner Brothers wanted Nonchalant Sosaa to have his platform, followers & to have at least 15k followers on each platform such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram & Nonchalant Sosaa concluded that if he already had all that he wouldn’t be interested in getting signed. All Nonchalant Sosaa’s work and ambition throughout the years weren’t overlooked Beyond his years and knows that failure is a starting point from which success flows. His mindset and positivity will take him far, and he is excited to take away what he has learned from his mistakes and move forward to his next adventure.

Since he has been off the grid, Nonchalant Sosaa & his team decided that Nonchalant Sosaa is a brand and organization & also a business. Nonchalant has been working on new music, his branding, and prepping for impending performances. He is busy in the studio working on an upcoming album titled “Welcome To The Industry!” He’s making sure that his second album is to the degree of perfection. Nonchalant Sosaa is a powerhouse on a mission to be an inspiration to youth groups to follow their dreams and crush them even in an infamously male-dominated industry. His biggest advice to the youth is to be themselves and not to try to fit into society’s imposed molds. he says To Females “You don’t have to take off your clothes to make people listen. As long as you follow YOUR heart, wear what YOU want to wear, and say what YOU want to say, do what makes you happy. If people are in your life and you feel like they don’t have good intentions, remove them from your process. Trust me it feels amazing.”


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