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Dead Summer – Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix



All music has to move with the times, and all genres need to evolve. And the potential that modern-day digital technology has allowed artists means that even the way you make music has changed, even if it sounds like the timeless sound of the genre. And that is what is happening on Dead Summer, an ep forged through the collaboration of Dead Hendrix and Levi Zadoff.

It may sound like a pop-punk past and tick all the boxes for fans of such music. Still, the way it is forged musically means that it could only be the product of the here-and-now, that it is about as cutting edge as you can get, built, as it is from samples and sonic manipulation rather than more traditional methods.

That said, the music walks a fine line between traditions and forward-thinking production values; the lyrics and the delivery are also a perfect balance between old-school sentiment and the sound of the new generation picking up the ball and running with it.

I Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better, which opens the ep up, is anthemic, life-affirming, or a satirical masterpiece. If you want a song that discusses loneliness and solitude, the aptly named Alone is the one for you.

And on it goes. Can’t Be God reminds us that we can never really control our lives and Love Games addresses the more sensual side of life. The record ends with Teenage Dirtbag (no, not that one), which again deals with the seedier side of things.

Five cool tracks. Two great artists. One fantastic record.

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