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Foxx (Michael J Foxx) & DJ Markoshi strikes gold with this 10 song mixtape



Foxx (Michael J Foxx) & DJ Markoshi strikes gold with this 10 song mixtape called Rush Hour. Foxx displays how to flip classic songs his way and he does it very nicely.

Foxx & DJ Markoshi are based out of Moncton, New Brunswick Canada. DJ Markoshi recently won Best DJ in the Province and add to that Foxx was also nominated for Breakthrough Artist & Song of the Year.

These two are a winning combination to really make some noise in the music industry. Be on the look out for more mixtapes by these guys.


Formally known as Michael J Foxx, this New York-based (now living in Canada) rapper is a force to be reckoned with. Foxx has been an artist and song writer for over 15 years with an audio engineering background from NYU. He graduated with honours and went on to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree for audio recording & production. Ranging in many genres and styles of music – but still rooted in hip hop, he has released several bodies of work including seven albums, multiple mixtapes, numerous collaborations, and features. Foxx is also the founder of Moncton, New Brunswick-based indie label Just One Mic Recordings Inc.

Foxx a 2022 MNB Nominee for Breakthrough Artist of the Year & Song of the Year. Having opened and toured with names like Wiz Khalifa, Cali Swag District, and Lloyd Banks, it’s Foxx’s time in the limelight. Fair to say, Foxx has been trusting the process since the day he was born. He really had no choice. His mother died while giving birth to him in Harlem, and his father would later overdose.

At age 16, Foxx became emancipated, a legal way for children to become adults before they are 18. “That changed the course of my life by validating that I’m a young adult. I’ve been “emancipated” since I was 12 truthfully. I wasn’t the average 12 year old. There weren’t any video games, sleepovers, camps, or any of that fun stuff. Mentally I was way ahead of my time. Not because I wanted to be but the way life cards were dealt, I had to be.”

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