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“I am grateful that Ollys TV achieved a milestone of ten thousand subscribers” Says Olly Gazal



Hitting ten thousand subscribers cements their status as one of Ireland’s biggest independent music platforms.

Ollys TV have reached the major 10 thousand YouTube subscriber milestone, cementing their status as one of the most-watched music channels in the County Meath, Ireland.

Having dedicated more than 3 years to championing the best in Irish talent, the platform has notched up over six six hundred thousand views across more than 75 countries since its launch in 2019.

Through their innovative content and commitment to culture, Ollys TV has become the global epicentre of everything Irish rap, renowned as both a launchpad for emerging artists and a home from home for the country’s biggest and upcoming stars.

To celebrate the milestone, Ollys TV have joined forces with some of the Ireland’s biggest names from Offica, A92, A5, Debobby, and more, to produce a series of exclusive new content set to roll out daily over the next week.

Olly says” I want to cement the Irish music industry, they all have a lot of potential, I happy for the likes of Offica, Selló and Outburstpal and Dami hope, Debobby and everyone in this entertainment industry. There many names out there but I am excite with what they all do next. 

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