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International Rapper K.UMĒH Shoots With The First Record Label For Photographers “The Collective Gallery”



What is The Collective Gallery ?

The First Record Label For Photographers 

At Collective we have a vast network of creatives that go through a vetting process and have proven capable of producing great content in their respective categories. With over a thousand creatives across them globe, our database enables us to mobilize the right team, anywhere with the proper notice, to produce and deliver your content needs. We identify creatives by service type, speciality, and location, to assume that the right people are on the job.

 – Cam Kirk Studios 

Who has The Collective Gallery Worked With ?

Artists: Rick Ross, Future, DJ Khaled, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Durk, Gucci Mane, Cardi B, Halley Berry, Moneybagg Yo, Jack Harlow, Rae Sremmurd, Russ, Latto, K.Umēh, Benny The Butcher, Queen Naija, King Von, Flo Milli, Rotimi, YFN Lucci, Bobby Smurda, Lil Baby, Glorilla, Big Boi, Erica Banks, Young Baby Tate, Megan The Stallion & More

What Companies Has Collective Gallery Worked With?

Nike, Adidas, NBA, NFL, Spotify, OneVoiceApplied Music, Sprite, Footlocker, Don Julio, Facebook, Puma, American Express, BET, Nikon , Budweiser & More

Where is The Collective Gallery based?

HQ is located in ATLANTA, GEORGIA

Tell Us About Photo Shoot With The Collective Gallery 

K.UMĒH is Modeling “One Voice Applied” Clothing with a product collaboration with Apple Inc.

Kenny State’s “I want my iPhone in these pics” let’s highlight Apple Inc.

After the shoot began the director and photographer appreciated the concept of the product shoot. 

What is One Voice Applied ?

One Voice Applied Music, also known as OVA Music is an international multinational music company. Owned by the parent conglomerate Obinna Systems Inc, partnering with Apple Inc. One Voice Applied Music is owned by CEO Kenny Obinna Umeh aka K.Umēh. K.UMĒH is a well-respected international artist working between Nigeria, the U.S, and the U.K. He works in hip hop, rap, and pop. He is able to create original luxury content, having direction on his creativity and ideas, and innovating information that nobody has witnessed on earth. His writing abilities are useful to the music industry, as he is creating tools to better the world’s mental, spiritual and emotional health through sound. Called “The Future Prodigy” of the music industry. Known for his concept album “Sons Of God” released in July 2022, written by himself where he brings light to the companies NASA & Neuralink, highlighting them as pieces of education to study and understand for the future of artificial intelligence and generations to come. 

One Voice Applied is a brand centered around culture and intellectual spirit. The ultimate goal for One Voice Applied is to change the world positively one project at a time, to give information and inspiration to the next generation, and to creatively innovate important resources for the future in technology, mental wellness, spiritual leadership, politics, education, and entertainment. 

K.UMĒH is a walking bag of Charisma, equipped with natural leadership qualities, an infectious attitude, this man is TALENTED, well rounded and a complete achiever in anything he puts his mind to, his new generation sound never ceases not knowing what to expect in spite of his endless potential. 

K.UMĒH is more than an artist, he is a sound. When he is asked whether he raps or sings, he replies with “ I AM A FREQUENCY” 

With an explosive collaboration of gifted minds from various spheres and inspiration from creative visionaries who have blazed trails, One of One Voice Applied’s mission is to give independent artists, designers, and creatives insight into a deeper way of thinking through art and science  while offering a platform that amplifies their voices and expands their reach to the society around them. One definition of One Voice Applied is the beginning of communication for Future Education.

K.Umēh Speaks On One Voice Applied Fashion 

“We Are One” Directed by BC 

One Voice Applied’s Goal is to create a brand with meaning, something to change the perspective on how you think on the daily. I wanted to tie in my culture because where you are from is essential to your identity forever. 

One Voice Applied Fashion is Art. Our Clothing is made up of international pieces designed in Nigeria, Africa. I feel like my clothing line is a unique combination of a look and a feeling. One Voice Applied Clothing has aura and energy, mixing the American look and African Fashion with materials made across the globe, reminding us that we are one regardless of skin color, attributes, background or gender. Our customized look gives appreciation to the universe’s culture. 

Up to this date One Voice Applied Designs have consist of: 

Culture Blazers, Head Pieces, Footwear, Duffle Bags, & Fragrance 

Has The Collective Gallery Partnered with a Music Record Label?

Inspired by the model of record labels, veteran industry photographer Cam Kirk, known for his work with Gucci Mane, Migos, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Yachty and others launched a “label” for photographers which provides signees with a monetary advance and the support to execute projects. The company aims to help photographers with merchandising, travel and content distribution.

Now, the first “label” for photographers has entered into a joint venture with an actual major record label, Atlantic Records. The two companies will collaborate in an effort to provide content creators across the world an opportunity to work with major artists.

“Partnering with Atlantic Records is a full circle moment for me,” Kirk says. “In fact, Marsha Hubert, the SVP of Marketing at Atlantic who we closed the deal with, was actually one of the first people to give me an opportunity to work in this industry allowing me to come onto a video set in a professional capacity for T.I. and Tank. Now, eight years later, we have formed a one of a kind partnership that will change the music industry forever. The deal will not only provide more opportunities for the photography artists directly on our label, but will also allow us to work with a wide range of creative talent all around the world.”

Atlantic director of A&R Sammye Scott says, I’m enthusiastic about being able to bring this partnership together. I’ve known Cam, J Rose and Aurielle for years, and believe that their vision aligns with our goals and mission here at Atlantic Records. That is, to continue creating an opportunity and platform for creatives of all races, color, and ethnicities.”

The Collective Gallery is 100% rooted in creating a better landscape for photographers,” Kirk told Forbes last year. “I wanted to build another complementary company that can further assist in my mission of sustaining the photography industry and help pass the torch to other creatives like me.”

Through the pandemic, Kirk and his team have worked to promote the talent that their company has aligned with, including himself. In the past six months, he has closed deals with Sprite, Facebook, BET, and Nikon, among others, while expanding his Atlanta studio.

“We’re modeling it mainly off of the business structure and model of the typical music label,” he says. “We wanted to make it clear that we’re not just trying to be another photography agency, we’re actually trying to push the narrative further and show that musicians shouldn’t be the only artists signed to labels.  Why not extend some of these resources to other creatives that have the same influential power and backing, and that are providing the same type of substance to the culture?”

What Is One Of The Main Goals For Collective Gallery ?

“One of our main goals here at Collective Gallery is to give young diverse creatives the opportunity to work in the entertainment content space with some of the leading companies in the world,” said Rose, who is The Collective Gallery’s President. “Our impact rests in the support we provide to these young creatives, both monetarily and strategically.”

Kyle Bailey, who acts as the Director of Business Operations explains that The Collective Gallery shares the same structure as a major music label, even down to the A&R process. Although they have eight signed artists, the Collective Gallery also helps connect local unsigned freelancers with opportunities they know would be a good fit

“We have an A&R based in New York that has helped us build a database of more than 1,000 creatives across the world that allows us to provide client solutions across many verticals. Hypothetically, if the NBA calls us and says, ‘hey, we need a videographer and photographer in New York to execute this shoot,’ we go into the database, ensure the photographer is vetted and place them with the opportunity.”

To date, Bailey said they’ve provided more than 400 jobs to creators outside of those that are signed to the label.

In addition to job creation, similarly to music label executives, The Collective Gallery said they work to create pathways for their artists to develop their own personal brand through upfront backing for marketing and production. They explained that that’s what sets them apart from creative agencies.

“Most agencies, not all, but most don’t necessarily invest financially into their clients’ dreams out the gate,” said Kirk. “We’re looking for talented artists, people that are great photographers that we feel can take their craft to the next level. And often, we do that by directly funding some of their ideas.”

Cam Kirk explained that they funnel money into shoots, fund gallery exhibitions, front costly production fees for marketing materials like coffee table books among other services. He also explained that unlike predatory music label practices, they offer advances upon signing that the artists aren’t required to pay back

Tell Us About Some Of The Benefits The Collective Gallery Creates For Creatives?

“For us, it’s not so much about what percentages we’re going to take, or owning their rights to certain things,” Brooks added. “It’s more so about us teaching you how to protect your rights and what your rights are.”

For photographers interested in becoming a part of Collective Gallery, Kirk compares the selection process to that of any music label when it comes to finding talent.

“The same way you can get signed to Def Jam, Interscope or QC is the same way we do,” he explained. “We’re looking for talent. We’re fielding inquiries, cold emails, and we have a search committee. We have A&Rs working for us [who] are going to go out and work with talent.”

What Are The Latest Projects From Collective Gallery?

JID ( Rap Radar Podcast ) 

Lil Durk x Beats By Dre

Latto x Highsnobiety Magazine 

Cardi B x Up ( BTS )

HotNewHipHop ( On The Come Up Class 2022-2023 )

American Express Shoot

FloMilli Spotify Radar

Bobby Smurda ( HotNewHipHop )

Nike OverNight Success 

LilBaby x Budweiser 

Rick Ross x HotNewHipHop

Lil Durk x JD Sports 

Young Thug x Giuseppe Zanotti


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