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Keep South Florida Artist “FalseCris” on your Radar! He has Big Plans!



This artist we’re about to dive into, has a lot of passion and raw talent. Currently, he’s gracing the stages of the South Florida underground scene. We believe he has what it takes, he’s built for success as his mindset is what attracts others to him. FalseCris has a lot to say and much to offer the hip-hop game. Creative songs as well as his unique sound keeps his fanbase loyal to him. It’s not easy being an artist, nor is it easy to stay motivated. However, Cris always finds ways to continue his pursuit of success at the top of rap’s elites.


Cris got started in music with the help and push from the late Miami legend “OhTrapStar”. They have tons of music and content released for all to enjoy. Featuring on one another’s music and growing together. The pair formed a bond so strong, that he keeps his legacy alive surging at every performance he does. As seen at the “ViceCityBash” events he rocks the stage and dedicates every set to his friend. He even gets the crowd’s participation as he asks them to say “R.I.P Trap”, we all miss him very much. That speaks volumes to what type of character a person has. That’s what we admire about Cris, continuously paying homage and paying his respect to the ones who’ve helped him. 


Right now, his catalog of music is pretty strong being that his first release was not even a year ago. So in less than a year he already has a handful of singles, and a full length EP titled “ForeverStars”. Most artists are not consistent enough or barely put out new music. Cris proves that there are no excuses and the songs aren’t going to listen to themselves. Giving your fans what they want definitely pays off, as he’s gotten some recognition for his work. Platforms like TRIPLESEVEN, Funny Yet Serious and Minds Wide Open have featured him on their shows interviewing him. When you put in this work, people will notice. This is why we’re excited to see what else he has in store, he’s just getting started.


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James Roan born and raised in Miami, Florida is a Recording Artist, Writer, Director, Narrator and Author. He is the Future Leader of The Next Generation.