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Miami Rapper James Roan and Producer Richy B Has a New Album Titled “Elements of Life” in the Works!



Out of all of the rap music that’s been written, produced and released in the past five years, “Elements of Life” definitely stands out the mostly. The only difference is James and Richy doesn’t have a big entity or marketing machine behind them just yet. James born and raised in Miami, Florida the same as Richy, wants to change the narrative on music from their hometown/city. Most sounds that come out of the part of the U.S revolves around clubbing, partying and more material things. Now there’s nothing wrong with any of the topics mentioned, however the duo feels balance needs to be restored in hip-hop especially from a lyrics and subject matter standpoint. This is the start of something great in hip-hop and we are here to see it before our eyes.

We have something that can single handedly change the rap game indefinitely, and it hasn’t even reached the masses yet. We are excited for these two musicians as we know they’ve worked hard and tirelessly to give the listeners a quality album which is something a lot of hip-hop artists don’t do nowadays. James brings lyrical ability, along with mastered flows and technical skills as a true emcee. On the boards Richy has done an amazing job with coming up with a style and sound not yet heard in the genre of hip-hop. Multiple instruments, having an ear for how a track is supposed to sound. There’s certain kicks, snares and other sounds present in the tracks that makes the listener want to come back. Simply put the music is timeless!

Richy has stated “This album is basically a pill for everyone who may be going through difficult times.” James also added, the album is therapeutic, covering every emotion that makes us human, that’s what elements of life is all about”. Topics like Love, Passion, Anger, Lust, Happiness, Infidelity, Mental Health, Motivation, Addiction and the list goes on and on. These are very mature matter to discuss on an album, it feels almost like a detox as the album makes you want to be a better person at the end of the day. It also has a fun touch, so it keeps you entertained as well.

The duo has worked on the album for two years, so we’re bound to see them have some success come from it. With a sound like this, if they stick to it, they could be a top of music for a long time. They’ve both expressed that they simply want to “change the game” and we’re all here to see it!

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