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Recording Artist Lil Ominous Says “Consistency is Key”



This Recording Artist out of Miami, Florida knows what it takes to get to the next level. He has a long history of work as well as a large catalog of material. He has multiple full length studio albums, tons of singles, music videos and a plethora of podcast features & interviews. His motto is “staying consistent” in order to grow your fanbase to become successful at what you do. He started with nothing but ambition and hunger, channeling that hunger into drive, raising his level of stardom through Miami. Right now, he’s one of the kings of the underground.

Ominous began music at a young age, writing and greeting songs that tell his stories. Not too long after, he began learning about social media, branding and image to become the full package.  He’s also helped a number of artists along the way such as “Lil Pump” and the late great “OhTrapStar”. We miss him dearly. Recently he released his album 888 which is best work to date. Showing how much he’s grown as an artist, developing his sound and mastering his songwriting. 

He’s also one of the founders of the “1%” group and the “ViceCityWorld” collective. They host many events throughout South Florida for artists to come perform. Those are some of the best showcases for artists, vendors and other creators to network and share good vibes. Plenty have come from states away to be a part of the ViceCityWorld shows. Ominous keeps up the work in all areas, if you don’t put it in the work you won’t make it very far. He’s proven that time and time again. Keep up with this artist as he’s emerging as one of the biggest names out of South Florida today.


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James Roan born and raised in Miami, Florida is a Recording Artist, Writer, Director, Narrator and Author. He is the Future Leader of The Next Generation.