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Renowned Flamenco Guitar legend Oliver Mayer aka Olivero – the musical genius whose popular MTV music videos are reviving the Genre.Uncover some facts!



Millions of streams in Spotify, music videos featured in MTV, getting nominated for several esteemed award in such rare genre of music such as Flamenco! Makes the talented young man of Austria unstoppable, his aim though is beyond the fame and status, that he has successfully achieved in such a short period of time. It goes up to raising awareness to this beautiful genre that he has always had passion for. Meet Oliver mayer whose musical career is inspiration to many worldwide, leading by example to aspiring musicians and entertaining the masses through his music.

Was his massive success coincidental or calculated?

It was by no means coincidental, the talented man childhood revolved around instruments. He started his guitar lessons since he was 5, and was tutored by one of the best at the young age of 7 to refine his cello skills. While children his age were playing around and are indulged in video games, the young boy was working hard to reach his goal of being one of the best in the planet!After playing for several bands and making name for them with his musical talents. It is then later, when he met with Spanish Flamenco legend Paco de Lucía where the beginning of the flamenco stardom has begun.

His work on flamenco has been appreciated by not only the masses but also world renowned musicians ,  Duquende is a great example: “Me gustatumúsica, es muypegadiza y fresca, olé tú!” (translated: “I like your music, it is very catchy and fresh, congratulations!”).

These words has further motivated Olivero to take it to the next level, and the result? the young man work has been nominated for many local and global awards including the prestigious Preis der deutschenSchallplattenkritik.

He is a multi-lingual artist         

The talented musical artists have left no stone unturned, as he is a perfect speaker of not only German and English. But also, speaks a fair amount of the language he composes his song according to which is Spanish.

You can see this clearly in his music videos , a prominent one is the one where he teamed up with the prominent musical artist of Cuba (Grammy winner): Alain Perez

Speaking of collaboration below is another one named “JuntandoAmores” that was a massive success, Austrian musician Olivero and Cuban singer Alain Pérez linked yet again up for another. The new song was named “Sin Permiso del Ayer” and, unlike the previous one, it’s very melancholic.


Stopped live performances during covid

COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected sports but also musicians. Olivero was no exception due to the pandemic safety regulation; Olivero has to take a break from performing live in many esteemed concerts and settings. However, the young man is back and stronger than ever with his upcoming tour in 2023! Something with no doubt to be looking forward to since it will most likely be available online!

Has a strong online social presence

This one does not need mentioning! His viral tiktok video shared from fan accounts are all over the internet, the young man is not in high demand for live performances for nothing, in addition to his talent that makes him highly sought after his online fan base is incredible. In Spotify alone he has amassed millions of listeners signifying his lead on the genre of flamenco.

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