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Rising Latin Miami Artist ‘Dual2’ Releases “Mentira Piadosa”



There’s a new sheriff in town, and he already has the total and complete package! He’s from Puerto Rico with the style and swag of the biggest artists in the industry. His combination of rapping skills, and singing on hooks and during his verses show versatility. There’s a lot of competition in South Florida on the latin culture with music, however he still finds a way to stand out. He knows what it is to have a professional and polished approach with his material. What we mean by this is, if you hear his music, watch his visuals and see his image with clothing and fashion, you’d think he’s already charting on the billboards. Perception is everything and we believe it’s only a matter of time before he takes his brand to a mainstream level.

That starts with his most recent release titled “Mentira Piadosa” which is available on all major streaming platforms. It will prove to be one of the premier songs released in the first part of this year in the genre. His catalog will grow exponentially, but what a way to start off 2023. The song is nice, fun and smooth with good vibes to cruise to. When you hear it, you definitely get a feel of the Miami life. Daul2 understands what it is to paint pictures and he executes that with this track. The track is mixed and mastered to perfection as the sound is clean, the vocals are punchy, crisp and has some cool effects as well to bring it together. It’s produced by Bad Lenz, Big Khriz and UrbanSuiteStudio.

The music video is now available on Youtube as it’s a performance video of Dual2 all of miami. The visual and scenes looks like something that would be on MTV right now. That’s how professional high quality his work is. He can be seen under a bridge, by the water and in Wynwood with graffiti walls. All of these different scenes embody what Miami is all about. This is what an artist needs to succeed and he and his team are doing this at a commercial level, the only thing they’re missing is the fans which will come in no time. We are excited to see what he has in store for us next. He can compete with the Latin artists at the highest level. Daul2 will be one of those marquee names soon.


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