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Rising Pop Artist Savaya Releases Newest Hit “Taboo”



Today, pop artist Savaya is taking his career further with his latest release Taboo” available now at all digital retailers like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and Soundcloud. Let us explore some promising aspects of the music and personality of Savaya – an aspiring face of the global music industry.

About the Musical Journey of Savaya

Rising Pop Artist Savaya Releases Newest Hit “Taboo”

Savaya developed an interest in music in his early childhood. Savaya was surrounded by music and intrigued by the sounds of R&B and Soul Music all his life. He listened to the likes of Babyface, All 4 One, Tevin Cambell, Jon B, Prince, Mariah Carey, and countless other artists. He would take up on learning the piano and visiting local record stores . Through time his interest kept on growing and he finally decided to take the leap into the music industry as an artist himself.

Fast forward today, the pop artist released 5 consecutive singles including hit singles like “Hear You” and “Soul Fire”. With “Taboo” being his latest release lasting just over three minutes, the single was inspired by the creator’s awareness of being in the matrix and the world’s way of being “normal“. He realized people kill their dreams, truth, & destiny going along with the life they think they have to follow. The enslavement of society’s expectations, needing permission to be original and being welcomed to be “normal”. He had enough, and this was his way to express it.

The song is about being free from judgment, the shadows of shame, guilt, political, religious, or any other type of “correctness”.

Future plans of Savaya

Savaya’s audience have been long enquiring about his future plans. In the near future, he intends to release an EP titled “Avatar”. The world is going to witness the heights of the success of Savaya  on a global musical stage. This would all seem accurately justified if one gets the chance to listen to his wholesome and soothing musical performances.

Fazy is a contributor at Kivo Daily and many more notable publications.