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The Hip-hop music scene is overly competitive, and it is hard to break into the limelight and even make it to the global list. But this has not stopped Trent James from getting to the top. Trent has cemented his place in the US music scene, with his work getting a lot of attention from his rapidly growing fan base.


The reign of Trent’s success does not stop at the U.S border. Trent James has gained a massive fan base in the Latin culture with the release of his two Spanish songs “Mi Vida” and “Bella Tiralo”.


Trent James has remained independent throughout his music career and has been on three tours thus far. He has performed in Boston, Atlanta, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and many more.

Trent has also started his own label, Boss Alliance Global.



Boss Alliance Global Is Trents top tier label that offers services to help many artists, producers, models and businesses gain success through targeted methods.

His company offers artist / influencer management and development, Spotify playlisting, YouTube channel development and social media development. Trent James has helped hundreds of artist from all genres break into the lime light, bringing some from little to no fan base, to having hundreds of thousands of listeners and millions of streams across platforms.



Trent James stands on the fact that he strictly only records on beats that he makes. This is a legendary quality to have, being in an industry where the majority of other artists only are simply recording artists. His incredible voice, smooth lyrical flow, and undeniable rap skills help him stand out from the competition. Trent James has millions of views on YouTube and has earned two plaques- one for 100K subscribers.


Listen to Trents new album

Trent James – Drip in the Drought




Although Trent has made his road to success look easy, it has not been a smooth glide to success. Trent was living in the streets of Montopolis at the age of 18 and dealing with the constant battle of being harassed by the police and became a victim of the system. By the age of 22 Trent served 2 years inside the correctional facilities of Texas.


Finding his way to the light, Trent James has managed to make his way through all obstacles, bringing his 3 sons along with him. Trent recently was in a custody battle throughout the end of 2021 and the end of 2022 with his baby’s mother’s, taking them both to family court PRO SE to fight for having a standard visitation order finalized by the judge. Trent was successful in his PRO SE attempts and has now earned finalized visitation rights for his boys.



As a young artist, he says his goal is to use his music and social platforms to inspire other young people from his hometown and beyond. Trent James is sharing his story with the world and showing his fans that nothing is unattainable.


“I’ve made a way to strive through the hardest times that the majority of people from my city have never seen. With the harassment and corruption of the system I’ve still found a way of success. Also have toured to numeric states to perform and help the country understand the fact that nothing is unobtainable,” says Trent.