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Upcoming Artist HG Profit Releases His Latest Single “Knew I Was Right”



HG Profit is an up-and-coming recording artist that is on the cusp of making his impact felt across the industry. H is for “Hella,” G is for “Green,” and together they spell out “Hella Green Profit.” For HG Profit, having a clever name was essential in order to increase the likelihood that others would take an interest in it. The connection that can develop between listeners of personal, honest music served as the inspiration for HG’s decision to pursue a career in music.

On August 27, HG Profit released a brand-new song named “Knew I Was Right”, which was produced by Jay Columbia. Profit essentially claims in the song that despite being a genuine guy, others are envious of him because of his skill. People like his style because he sets trends. In addition, he makes it clear to everyone that no matter what success he has, his work is never done. He uses rap to express his enthusiasm for life. Additionally, he lives his life as he pleases without regard for others’ opinions. Regardless of how much they may try, people cannot and will not halt his achievement.

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