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What’s The Next Step For Upcoming American Rapper Dicey Ray?



Revanth Reddy Nedurumalli known professionally as Dicey Ray, is an American rapper, basketball player, entrepreneur and cannabis connoisseur from Baltimore, Maryland.


Past Year

Over the last year, Dicey Ray has crafted a dozen songs but has only released three so far. At 22-years-old, Baltimore rapper Dicey Ray has only dropped “Real OG”, “Been Thru This Before” and his latest release “Brown Boy.” Each song is drastically different then the next and is riddled with different flows, cadences and punchlines. “I just started getting comfortable in the booth, now I’m making all types of music. I find a beat I like, get in the right state of mind and start floating on the beat. I’m really looking forward to putting these next couple songs out. I think I’ll surprise a lot of people with my wordplay,” Dicey Ray said during a phone interview. Listener’s can expect Dicey Ray to keep evolving as he begins to find his sound.


Early Life & Sports

Dicey Ray spent a couple months in India right after he was born and moved back into a small apartment in Richmond, Virginia. He then moved to an apartment in Baltimore, Maryland and then his family finally settled down closer in the next county over so he would be districted to a better high school. He played four sports (basketball, football, track and tennis) in his first two years at Howard High School. In the last game of his sophomore year, he showed off his athleticism and ability to score at will and was discovered by a local AAU coach. Coach Malcolm, who eventually turned into one of his coaches and mentors, convinced him and his parents to bring him down for tryouts in Dundalk, Maryland. He was dunking everything and there was much raw talent and will to win he made the team for his age group as well as the age group above. He got recruited to play at a top private school in the state, Glenelg Country, while playing in a tournament with the Charm City Crusaders while being coached by Coach C. He started alongside many division one players and even a world champion for the better half of that year and through the playoffs coached by Coach Q. Unfortunately, he struggled to fit in off the court. Later that year, in his first year at private school, he eventually ended up getting expelled after receiving detentions and even some suspensions throughout the year. After impressing the Archbishop Carroll coach and a couple other different schools, he ended up transferring to Arundel Christain School and reclassifying. He had a life threatening injury that summer while playing AAU where he was rushed to the trauma center at Jersey Shore Hospital. He has a severe concussion, complete memory loss for six hours, severe whiplash in the neck and spine and a bruised hip. He came back and played his first game within three months despite the doctors telling him it would be nine to twelve. He torched the previous state champs in his first game back in a close win with 34 points, going 8 for 11 from three point range. It was clear he spent the rest of the summer training with a chip on his shoulder. He would skip close to three months of school that year to train at his local YMCA. He went back and changed his attendance in the school system to make it look like he only missed a week. He played for Team Takeover that summer and while talking with college coaches he realized the classes he took at Arundel Christian School were not NCAA certified and he would have to do a prep year to gain his eligibility. After choosing between Mt. Zion and IMG, Dicey Ray was headed off to Florida.

He suffered a gruesome leg injury season ending injury down there (tore his ACL, sprained his MCL, LCL, PCL bruised his femur, tibia, femur and tore the back of his meniscus) that took him away from the game early in the season but not before racking up a 14 point 14 rebound double double against the defending Florida champions and impressing Coach Mahoney (click here to watch highlights).



The Come Up

Dicey Ray graduated from IMG Academy in 2019. His plan was to redshirt at a local college and start at home his freshmen year and transfer to a big school when he was healthy. He decided to attend Stevenson University and registered a week before school started. His rehab was slow and draining and he was very hesitant with his leg after surgery. He was used to playing aggressively and running through people and now he was avoiding contact in fear of reinjuring his leg. 2018 started a string of major injuries (from a broken finger to a herniated disc that he still deals with) that mixed with covid would put his basketball career and college education on ice. He released his first song, “Real OG” in 2021 after going to New York during finals week. He shortly followed by releasing “Been Thru This Before.” These songs put him on the map racking up thousands of streams from close to 100 countries worldwide that year! He’s taken a step back and went silent on social media since. He dropped “Brown Boy” with very short notice early October 2022 and fans’ reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. “He doesn’t sound like anybody else out there, it’s a breath of fresh air from all the mumble rap these days,” says one fan. Now, he is ready to bring the rest of the records to life in the world renowned Quad Recording Studios in New York City. Stay on the lookout as this young man has every intention in turning “Dicey Ray” into a household name!