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Achieving work/life balance by Kyle Michaud



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I am reaching out to introduce you to Kyle Michaud. He created one of the fastest growing live events and experiential companies in the wellness space called Experience Expeditions, which runs the annual Yoga Expo in LA, which is now sponsored by Mindbody.

In addition to being a certified yoga instructor, Kyle has begun consulting with several wellness startups on how they can integrate live events into their marketing programs.  Of note, he is working with OWYN, the hot new plant-based protein powder and bar company.

Kyle can speak on the following topics:

  • Incorporating yoga into your wellness routine
  • How to live a more sustainable life (Kyle wrote a book on the topic)
  • Tapping into the community as a wellness brand
  • Achieving work/life balance

Kyle Michaud, president of Experience Expositions, produces massive vegan events across North America, spreading awareness about sustainability and healthy lifestyles. These events include The Yoga Expo & Vegfest Expos. His vision is to make a green-lifestyle possible for everyday people, by educating them on environmentally-friendly options that are available in their local community. Over 86,000 attendees were present at The Yoga Expo in 2016. Kyle has been featured as one of South Florida’s rising young businessmen in publications such as Gold Coast Magazine, South Florida Business Journal, and Sun-Sentinel. He inspires people to make the world a better place by promoting sustainable consumption and production and providing more sustainable, green choices for everyday people.

Sabire Kaya founded ONC out of her passion for using healthier organic products . Her tenacity and innovation helped grow the company to become a leading brand in organic beauty products now spanning three continents. Sabire Kaya, who had real issues with her hair and chemical dyes, partnered with Eric Kaya and started manufacturing healthy hair color in Istanbul, Turkey. After being in the business for 20 years and carrying brands like Goldwell, KMS, Moroccanoil as a master distributor, the duo decided to bring the product to the US. Sabire developed a special formula with Organic chemists for the US. Unfortunately , she died of Cancer at the age of 39 in LA. As she had already started the business here with relative success, Eric made the decision to move to the US from London and manage the business.