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7 Things to keep in Mind Before Buying a Water Heater



Buying a Water Heater

The extreme weather conditions are bearable when you have taken full-fledged precautions to sustain that weather condition. And our water usage is the first precaution that we must take.

The winter or rainy seasons are enjoyable enough but we definitely cannot survive without hot showers or hot water supply in the kitchen during those chilly months.

But, what is the easiest way to generate hot water? Undoubtedly it is the Water Heater.

While buying a water heater, some pertinent doubts or queries must have crossed your mind. Go through this guide which will help you in learning all the prerequisites of buying a water heater.

After Sales Service

Making a purchase is not difficult. But, how your company is going to provide during your maintenance and repair service after you have made the purchase? Your foremost task would be to check the manufacturer’s warranty. And if you are not satisfied with their warranty period, you may go for some extra protection with water heater extended warranty. Water heaters are not some cheap entity and if you do not want to take any undue chances with its damage, repair, replacement or maintenance then opting for extended warranty would be a wise course of action.

Type of water heater

You would be astonished to learn that there are different types of water heaters available in the market. Depending on the water usage at your home and how you are heating the gas, you can choose from the options of storage tank water heater, tankless water heater, heat pump water heater, condensing water heater or the solar water heater. If space is a problem, then buying a tankless water heater is efficient since they are convenient to install.

Check the energy efficiency

Nowadays, people are more cautious about the energy consumption of any appliance. The modern tankless water heaters are found to be more energy efficient. Buying an energy-efficient water heater would be beneficial as it will save your money on electricity bills. The measure of efficiency could be checked by the Energy Factor (EF). The higher the factor, the more efficient will be the water heater.

Storage Capacity

Depending on your use, the storage capacity of the water heater should be considered. A tank water heater will be perfect in every way if you are looking for a larger capacity. It stores up to 150 liters of water and can fulfill all your domestic needs in one go.


You definitely do not want a water tank that crashes down after one year of use. Though buying a water heater extended warranty would be good enough, but learning the life of a water heater, which should be at least 10 -15 years is better.

Pressure pump compatibility

This is also an important factor to look for when you are residing in a high-rise building. Check out those water heaters that can withstand high pressure and are not prone to leak easily.

Analyze your space

As you must know that tank water heaters take up a lot of space. So, if space is of major concern, then a tankless water heater could be your choice.

So, what did you choose? Is it the conventional heater or the tankless one? Pick your choice but consider the above-mentioned points before you make your purchase.