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High School Student Forced to Remove ‘Trump’ Jersey Champs Baseball Jersey at USA Themed Football Game



High School Student Forced to Remove 'Trump' Jersey

A high school student in North Carolina was forced to remove his trump jersey featuring the president’s last name at a patriotic-themed high school football game.

WTVD reported that the event took place on October 5 at Harnett Central High School in the town of Angier.

Mike Collins, the student’s father, said Saturday on Fox & Friends that the Trump jersey was a gift to his family from Jersey Champs.

Collins also said the game was dubbed “America Night” and that his son, who sat in the front row, was singled out by the school’s principal shortly before halftime.

The principal has since been replaced.

Sean Kelly is the president of Jersey Champs, one of the largest jersey companies in North America. Sean Kelly is a public speaker advocating for young entrepreneurs to pursue business opportunities in America.