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10 Important Questions You must ask before Hiring a Commercial Plumber



Commercial Plumber

Commercial buildings are different from residential ones in many ways. They have specific installation and maintenance needs because of a large number of people working in them. These working places require round the clock functioning of every department including sinks, faucets, pumps, showers, drinking fountains, emergency equipment, restroom accessories, drain and drain cleaning equipment, etc.

Commercial plumbing companies operate on a large scale. They provide a wide range of services to local organizations including water supply, gas fitting, sanitation, drainage, and others. No matter what kind of trade you are in, you will need services of professional plumbers so that you can save energy and resources in the long run.

Following are the top 10 questions you should ask before hiring a commercial plumber for your company:

  1. Are they experienced?

Like any other profession, the first and foremost query that comes to one`s mind is how long the service provider has been in this business. So, be sure to know the relevant experience of a contractor before having them on board. There is much competent commercial plumbing service in your local area, just choose the right one who you can rely on.

  1. Are they licensed and insured?

It is very important to know that your prospective contractor has proper certification and license to practice. It would mean that they have a highly skilled workforce who could deal with any kind of project in their domain.

Apart from that, the service provider should also have the right insurance policy. It would save your business from repercussions of any possible mishaps that could happen to their workers during project time. In this way, you would not have to pay for some kind of losses that could occur during the process.

  1. Do they charge a fee for the estimate?

Most of the contractors charge a certain amount of fee for paying a visit to your facility and making an estimate. It should be made clear beforehand whether or not your potential service provider does the same. This could save you a considerable amount of money which varies from one service provider to another.

  1. What is their charging criterion?

This is one of the most important questions that you could ask your project planner. You have to make it certain whether they will charge you on an hourly basis or the total amount of the plan executed would be all-inclusive. In the case of the former, this could prove very cost-efficient considering how long the project continues.

  1. What is their Warranty / Guarantee Policy?

Most of the commercial plumbers provide a guarantee for their labour in order to make their clients happy. Know about their specific policy regarding the warranty of their work. So, care should be taken to get enough information about each and every detail about the warranty being given, like is it applicable for the entire project or for some part of it?

  1. Do they have any good References?

One of the most common practices of knowing about any company is to look into its past customers. You should also conduct thorough research in this particular matter before signing the services of a plumbing contractor. The kind of references (good or bad) would tell a lot about the performance and ethics of any plumbing expert.

  1. Do they offer a Maintenance Service?

One-time service may not be enough if you are in a kind of business where you require plumbing repairs on a frequent basis. Therefore, while interviewing your upcoming commercial plumber, do not forget to ask whether they offer maintenance service as well or not. It pays in the long run to have one service provider for all plumbing needs.

  1. What is their Time Schedule?

You have to be certain about the length of the project that you are going to undergo with your contractor. Make sure they give you a proper timeline of the plan before actually executing it. This would give you an idea about the level of expertise and experience of the services in industrial plumbing.

  1. Who are their Sub-Contractors?

An upright commercial plumber has nothing to hide from its clients. They have got no problem telling their prospective customers about their present suppliers or sub-contractors. This brief activity should make it clear about the quality of different plumbing tools and products used during projects.

  1. What inconveniences might they cause?

Last but not least, ask them about their working schedules. It should not interrupt the daily operations of your company beyond certain levels. Therefore, it should be made clear about any possible inconveniences that may be caused by them to your overall working. You can make your contractors do most of their work on weekends to maintain overall work efficiency.

So, these are the top 10 questions that should be on your mind while looking for a suitable commercial plumber. Contact with a professional and reliable plumber in case you need specialized plumbing services for your firm, office or commercial building.