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3 Major Types of Ventilation Systems



Ventilation Systems

Ventilation process used to be a simple task back in the olden days when the windows and doors were not shut tight. You could open a few windows and air would start flowing through your house. Today, it’s a bit more complex. The buildings are situated as such that there is no way of air passing through. Homes are air-sealed to provide optimal electrical efficiency and this makes it impossible for natural ventilation to balance out the moisture level in the air. 

You might notice how the house gets unreasonably damp when you mop the floors or leave out something for drying. The moisture levels in the house go high and you need to get fresher air into the house for better breathing. Installing a smart ventilation system will help take all the stale air out of the house and bring in the fresh air. 

Cracks and small openings in the house let the air pass through. This natural ventilation does not let the air spread evenly throughout the house, and some rooms might be left without air at all. In this article three main types of ventilation systems are highlighted for your consideration: 


1. Exhaust Ventilation Systems

The function of the exhaust ventilation system is to pull out all the built-up stale air in the house. It gets rid of all the smells and excess moisture by sucking the air out. The fresh air enters through the internal passive vents. These types of ventilation systems are most commonly used in cold climates where the air is comparatively dry. 

With warm, humid climates the air can get trapped in the wall cavities due to depressurization and it can cause the moisture to get trapped in them. You would find that the exhaust systems are not expensive to install and they are quite simple in design. 

An exhaust ventilation system only comprises a single fan and a single exhaust point. There is no complex drilling and designing required for the system. This makes exhaust ventilation systems easy to apply and use. Usually, small ducts are created in the rooms that connect them to the fan, so that there is a passageway for the fan which is concealed within the walls. 

The simplest form of an exhaust ventilation system is the spot ventilation. It is a localized exhaust system that pulls the polluted air from its source. A good example of spot ventilation is the exhaust system right above the kitchen ranges. Bathrooms also have spot ventilation. When these exhaust systems become centralized, it becomes the exhaust ventilation system. It is not enough to rely on the cracks and leaks in the building structure for the air to vent through. You must artificially make some ducts in the walls. 


2. Supply Ventilation System

As we have discussed until now, exhaust ventilation systems work by pulling the air out from the house and into the surroundings. The slight difference with supply ventilation is that the fresh air from the surroundings is also pushed into the house by the fans. These are also simple and easy to install. Fan and duct systems are used to introduce air into the house and better control of the air is provided. Pollutants are kept out of the house and wall vents help to let the air pass through it properly. 

An additional feature of a supply ventilation system is that it filters the air as it passes through it. Pollen and dust particles are blocked from passing it. Optimal working conditions for supply ventilation systems are a hot or mixed climate. If they were to function in the cold winters, pressurizing air into the house would create moisture. 


3. Balanced Ventilation Systems 

The balanced ventilation systems are made up of two fans working simultaneously. One fan is supposed to bring fresh air inside while the other works to push the stale air out of the house. This is why it is called a balanced ventilation system because it balances the air pressure inside and outside the house. It also has two duct systems. If you want a vent system in your house that makes your home feel natural, having the same air pressure as outside the house, then balanced ventilation systems are right for you. 

Like any other part of your house, the ventilation systems also need proper maintenance and repair. HVAC contractors provide maintenance services to traditional ventilation systems. If you are living in Edmonton, Canada, then make sure you try out Nor-Can heating and air. They have a highly qualified heating and cooling experts for efficient HVAC services. 

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