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4 Signs That You Need to Repair your Roof



4 Signs That You Need to Repair your Roof

There’s a reason people put a lot of emphasis on taking care of their home’s roof. The roof is one of the most important protective and structural elements of your home. It helps protect your home from the elements and acts as one of the largest insulative surfaces. It’s important that you keep it whole and well-maintained to make sure that it keeps protecting your home from changes in the weather and temperature.

A faulty roof can wreak havoc on your home in more ways than one. Leaks are your most pressing danger, as they can cause damage to your attic and inner walls. Not to mention, mold build-up can ruin your interior while also posing as a health hazard. Your heating bill is also likely to take a hit when your roof gets damaged. For those looking to one day sell their home, they should know that the roof is one of the first things that potential buyers will note about the home. 

It turns out that the roof is an extremely important element that needs occasional upkeep. Still, even with constant vigilance, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see some signs of damage on it over time. Recognize the signs and fix them before they lead to the aforementioned problems. 

1. You see daylight where there shouldn’t be any

Normally, your attic should be completely dark, save from artificial lighting that you introduce to it. The sun shouldn’t be able to pierce through the roof shingles or insulation, as it’s supposed to be compact.

Noticing streaks of light coming from the roof is a bad sign. It means that there are weak spots where the shingles aren’t properly aligned. Where light can enter, so too can water droplets and moisture make its way inside. Whenever you note extra light that shouldn’t be there, you should start looking at ways to repair the leak before moisture starts creeping inside.


2. You find dark streaks and stains around walls

Stains are never a good sign, whether you find them on clothes or walls. However, finding them on the walls of your attic or even your ceiling spells trouble. They are usually a sign of moisture entering your walls from the inside, usually as a result of a faulty wall or roof. Normally, you should be able to note the damage to a wall, so the roof is the usual culprit.

At this point, the damage has already begun. You need to identify the source of the leak on your roof before you do anything else. It’s going to be situated close to the stains, which means you should inspect the closest part of the roof first. It could be a leak from another area but start from the most obvious choice.


3. You note cracked shingles on the outside

Shingles are the main part of your roof. They keep it tough and impervious to rain and snow. However, as tough as they are, even the shingles aren’t exactly impervious to damage. After a long while, you can expect them to buckle and crack. This can lead to leaks and less efficient insulation.

Your only option is to replace them whenever you notice they’re damaged. This is a job that requires a bit of expertise. They normally crack during harsh weather, which means your roof is likely to be slippery. There’s no reason to risk falling and seriously injuring yourself you can let professionals like Architectural Leadwork handle the repairs. The shingles require proper measurements and installation to last a while, which is another reason amateur repairs aren’t recommended.

4. You find sagging areas on the ceiling

Moisture can do a lot of damage to your walls and attic ceiling. After enough time has passed, the ceiling can start to sag. This becomes readily apparent if the paint is bright enough or the sagging increases. This is a very bad sign for your roof. It means that the moisture is doing a lot of damage to your attic.

Use a broom to figure out the extent of the damage. If it’s buckling under the pressure of the broom handle and moving around, it’s likely that this part of your attic is due for some major repairs. At the same time, you might want to look into repairing or replacing parts of your roof that are leaking, to prevent further damage.



A damaged roof is a sight for sore eyes in every way. The roof is supposed to protect from the elements and keep your home safe from moisture damage. If you notice any of these signs in and around your attic or roof, you will have to take immediate action before it’s too late. Call professional roofers to take care of the damaged portions while dealing with the internal damage yourself. If the extent of the damage is large, you might need to renovate the attic.

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