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8 Factors That Determine How Often You Need to Clean Office Carpets



8 Factors That Determine How Often You Need to Clean Office Carpets

Every company aims to make their business successful by projecting a positive image of their office. Cleaning your workplace plays a vital role in determining what people think about your company – that includes both clients as well as your employees. The very first thing customers notice about your enterprise is the carpets when they enter your firm for the very first time.

Dirty and stained carpets can negatively affect the opinions of customers about your company. Your products and services might be the best among all your competitors, but the general appearance of your carpets could make or break your image in the long run. It’s vital to keep them free of bacteria, dirt, dust and also keep them spotless to leave a long-lasting impression on your clients.

Whether you clean your carpets through an in-house team of cleaners or you opt for the services of expert commercial cleaners, keep in mind the following eight key factors that determine how often you need to clean your office carpets.


Nature of Business

The kind of operations you run significantly affects the frequency of your commercial carpet cleaning. Corporate offices must wash their carpets at least once every six months depending upon the total number of employees. You can pace up the process by cleansing carpets every quarter. Other businesses have to schedule their carpets washing according to the nature of their business and their cleanliness requirements.


Surrounding Area

The amount of work required to keep your carpets free from all kinds of germs depends on where your business is situated. If it’s in the middle of the city, several types of pollutants will keep on entering your building and contaminate your carpets. Make a regular cleaning routine and wash your carpets as soon as they start to appear dirty on the outside.


Types of Material

The kind of material used in the manufacturing of carpet also decides when you should clean it. Rugs made of heavy fabric absorb most of the dirt and don’t require regular washing as they appear clean on the outside, while those made of light textiles quickly reveal the tiniest of the dirt particles indicating a need for thorough cleansing.


Carpet Color

Carpets with bright colors seem to get dirty very early due to the visibility of dirt absorbed in them and require frequent cleaning, while those with dark shades don’t appear as tainted, hence not requiring regular washing. If you are afraid, you will lose the color of your carpet while washing, then consults a professional carpet washing service near you.


Carpet Warranty

Some carpet manufacturing companies also provide a warranty agreement to the buyer, which specifies the frequency of carpet washing required to claim its warranty. They also give clear instructions about what kind of cleaning methods or specific products you can utilize to clean carpets like using steam and hot water cleaning techniques.



Under emergency circumstances like someone unintentionally spilling food or drinks over the carpet, you should clean the carpet right away before the spilled food items stick to the surface. In case the spillage marks have become permanent, it will be tough to remove them. They might also pose a health risk as the contamination spots give a breathing space to disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria.


Foot Traffic

The corridors mainly catch dirt and grime that come along the shoes of the visitors. For the high-foot-traffic areas, regular maintenance and scrubbing are required from employers to prolong the useful life of their carpets apart from maintaining an attractive outlook of their office.


Smell and Odour

When someone accidentally drops down eatables or spills drinks on the surface of the carpet, it tends to develop foul smell after a few days. Whenever something of the sort happens, make a habit of cleaning your workplace carpet there and then to avoid the formation of bad odors and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

One should take the task of cleaning office carpets nothing less than as an obligation. The factors mentioned above give you an idea about the time when you need to cleanse your commercial carpeting. Always stick to the manual provided by your carpet manufacturer while washing it by using the right kind of detergents and cleaning methods.