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After 15 Down Years, Why Are People Moving Back To Minneapolis?



After 15 Down Years, Why Are People Moving Back To Minneapolis?

Baffled, those paying attention to moving trends to one of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota, have noticed an interesting trend over the last 15 years.

People were moving to Minneapolis, but they weren’t staying. For years, people were drawn to the big city only to move back out of the city in the upcoming years. Experts began to wonder, why were people moving to Minneapolis only to leave? What was drawing people to the city only to have it fail to keep them?

Why Has There Been a 15 Year Lull for Minneapolis?

Upon further examination, the US Census Bureau was able to determine that states neighboring Minnesota were consistently losing citizens, only to have Minnesota follow up by losing those who chose to make the move.

Looking for an explanation, the Census Bureau turned to look at several factors impacting those living in Minneapolis. These include unemployment rates, which were steadily low for the state as a whole.

In search of an answer, experts guessed that those numbers were likely inflated by young people who had moved away from Minnesota, only to make it their temporary home and move away once again.

What’s more, these numbers are inflated by retirees looking to leave the state and retire in the south. These citizens were never likely intent on calling Minneapolis their forever home, and Midwestern states lose a large number of retirees this way every year.

Minneapolis is Growing, and Fast

As with many big cities, Minneapolis has made steps to improve its overall quality of life in an effort to draw in and keep a younger demographic. Minneapolis is quickly becoming a more attractive and financially sound option for young people wanting to live in a big city without wanting to fork out the money it would take to live somewhere like California or New York.

It is also perhaps due to this increased quality of life that fewer and fewer retirees are moving out of Minneapolis, especially when compared to neighbouring states like Wisconsin. The comparatively low cost of living and increased amenities in Minneapolis are quickly making it a place more and more are willing to call their home for the long term.

Looking to Move to Minneapolis?

With the newest trends indicating Minneapolis is quickly becoming a place people will want to settle down, it is likely that newcomers will look to move to Minneapolis from all across the country.

Moving across the country can be difficult, and those looking to move to Minneapolis are likely doing so because they are looking to decrease their cost of living rather than increase it with unnecessary expenses.

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Moving from one city to another one isn’t something people are comfortable with. There are many factors that lead up to that decision. Mainly unemployment rates and better feasible living is available for the people. A good inflow of people-oriented policies and inflow of young people is what made this place a lucrative opportunity for everyone. Therefore, Minneapolis turns out to be a winner for people pursuing a good living in the U.S.