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Don’t try this at home: Plumbing Problems that call for a Professional



Professional Plumbing

Most people like to look at plumbing as a DIY home project. This is fine for small leaks, blocks, and repairs. But to tell the truth, plumbing is too serious an issue to be left to the amateur plumbers. When things go wrong, and there are always signs of that in plumbing, it’s best not to dither, and call a professional plumber. Lingering on plumbing needs can end up costing you more money and wasting your time.

Here’s when you should decide to stop messing around with the plumbing problem in your home and choose to call a plumber:

Professional Plumbing

Professional Plumbing

Lack of Water Pressure

There can be many reasons behind low water pressure, ranging from obstructions in the pipe, issues with city water supply, to flaws in the pipe design. The origin of the matter isn’t always easy to identify. A thorough plumbing professional can recognize the source of your problem and offer a satisfactory solution. If you try to do this yourself, please note that there can be damage to both your home and the sewer lines, while the low flow persists.

No Hot Water

This is usually caused by a water heater that’s not working correctly. These heater faults can result from a range of factors. Some components might malfunction, or it might be a total breakdown. A professional can take a detailed look at the issue, and give you a comprehensive solution. Please remember that attempting to fix these systems on your own without adequate knowledge can result in injuries to you and damage to your home. Water heaters work on electrical and gas systems, both of which are potentially dangerous.

Pipe Blockage

A variety of things can cause a blockage in pipe systems. From tree roots that grow in the system, to sediment buildup, to non-flushable items blocking the line; all of these can result in severe blockage. Some minor blockage may be cleared by using chemicals or rodding machines, but not severe complications. Using these remedies in complex blockages will result in damage to your sewer lines. This can cost you lots of money. Depend on a professional with the necessary experience to be able to correctly identify the source of your problem, and provide a safe solution.

The same goes for the broken or punctured sewer line. Do not attempt to fix this yourself. This can go horribly wrong, exposing your home and property to raw sewage, and causing damage to the neighborhood’s sewer lines.

Professional Plumbing

Professional Plumbing

Pipe Bursts

These incidents usually take place in the winter, when the water in the line freezes. The frozen water expands, causing the pipes to crack. This can lead to flooding, causing water damage, adding to your damage. Further, cracked pipes can be hard to identify. The damage can practically be anywhere, behind walls, beneath the foundation, etc. Rely on professional plumbers to determine the real source of the leak, and to fix it. If there is additional damage due to the water, a professional plumber can conduct the necessary repairs of flooring, foundation, or drywall.


When installing major components, appliances, fixtures, etc., it is best to consult a professional plumber with experience and know-how. This way, you won’t have to bear the burden of expensive repairs, re-installations, and even damage. This is also true for remodeling and renovations. If you have to relocate sinks and dishwashers, this also necessitates moving the supply lines and associated drains. It is strongly advised that you don’t try this on your own.

 A Weird Smell

One of the most unsavory aspects of plumbing is that often, a problem manifests itself in the form of a strange smell. If you smell something weird in your home, and you are unable to detect its source, it could be a plumbing problem. In that case, it is best to call professional plumbing services immediately. The situation could be potentially toxic or hazardous.

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