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Every Property Owner’s Worst Nightmares



Every Property Owner’s Worst Nightmares

Thinking about renting your house to a new tenant? Do you know about what nightmares you might have as a landlord?

If this is your first time renting your house, you might not be aware of the enormous stress that will come free with your new job as a landlord. All this anxiety and tension can lead to having sleepless nights for you.

Let us give you a heads-up on what nightmares you might be facing as a landlord so that you can take precautions against them.


Ongoing Unpaid Rent

Before renting your house make sure that you have checked your new tenants’ financial background. Still, there are many cases where your tenant might lose his/her job and be economically broke. At times like this, you might be kind enough to excuse one or two month’s payment in delay.

What if this trend keeps on continuing for months? That will keep you up wondering what to do all night long.


Turn Out To Be A Nuisance

Your new tenant may turn out to be a party craze. Your nights are worried thinking about who is entering your house and with complaints coming to you. The police might also come to you with noise violation complains.

Or you might end up with a tenant who forgets their keys multiple times and comes to you late at night for extra keys. There is also the case where they might keep on bugging you with whatever problem they have.


Become Destructive And Dangerous

Your calm and good tenant may letter turn out to be destructive and dangerous. It may start suddenly without any previous indications. The damage to your home may end up being more than what you could imagine.

You may end up needing to fix everything from your walls to your furniture.


Day Before Eviction

This is the day that you should be concerned the most. You going for eviction already means the relationship or terms between you and your tenant are not going so well, which has finally led you to this decision.

It’s possible that a tenant may react violently to being evicted – taking their frustration out on your property. The damage done alone is enough to keep you sleepless for nights. This is particularly true if you have to deal with problem tenants.

You have no idea how creative your tenants can be during that stage. A guy once was evicted by the landlord. But, instead of creating a mess he just left without a fuss. Weeks passed by, but there was a strange smell in the house. After thorough checking, the landlord found that the tenant using his carpentry skills placed dead fish in the walls. This story was shared in the Daily Mail will help you see why you will not get any sleep at night.


Knowing Their True Identity

No matter how much background check you do, there is no guarantee that you will know the truth. This is an uncertainty that every landlord has to face.

Your new tenant may later turn out to be a drug dealer or a dangerous sex offender. Such a case might end up with a police raid in your house.


Unknown Face In Your House

What if you did a background check and let a guy rent your house. But then, every time you go for an inspection you get to see a new face along with him.

You might know the person you rented to, but seeing this new face is sure to make you anxious about who this new person is. Your anxiety will finally lead you to have nightmares all night long.


Turned Your Home Into A Garbage Dump

There is a chance that your sweet home might turn into a garbage dump. Your hygienic tenant might turn out to be a filthy one.

All this dump will also affect your house, and it will reek of foul smell.


Finding the right tenant can be the only way you can get rid of these nightmares. But, there is no way you can guarantee that you will find the right tenant. Anyone may crack at any time. Have you already met with such a nightmare? If, then you may contact a landlord property insurance provider to deal with such unexpected events and problematic tenants.

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