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20 Fascinating Facts About Plumbing You Never Knew



Plumbing is one of those things we take for granted. It’s always there when you need it, and that’s why it’s easy to forget how important plumbing is. But as any plumber in Oakleigh will tell you, there are plenty of interesting facts about plumbing that many people never hear. 

Here are 20 fascinating plumbing facts that will leave you in awe. 

Top 20 Plumbing Facts You Ought To Know! 

#FunFact – 1 

Did you know that the first flushing toilet was invented in 1596 by Sir John Harrington? He installed the same for Queen Elizabeth I at Richmond Palace! 

#FunFact – 2

Did you know that an average household uses over 400 gallons of water per day? Yes, you read that right! Interestingly, 30% of it is from the toilet alone! 

#FunFact – 3

Great Stink Drain in London, England, is the longest drain ever built that ran for an entire eight miles underground! 

#FunFact – 4

In 1889, Edwin Ruud invented the first hot-water heater. He did so to make showers more comfortable for his family!  

#FunFact – 5

Did you know that plumbers were earlier known as “sanitary engineers”? Due to their knowledge and expertise about sewage systems and various piping networks, the term began to be used to address them! 

#FunFact – 6

The first people to ever prepare a plumbing system was the Ancient Romans. They used lead pipes to transport water into their homes and baths. However, the system led to lead poisoning among its citizens; pipes began to corrode over time! 

#FunFact – 7

There are at least 7 million miles of pipes running underground in the United States. They are used for delivering water and removing wastewater from households. The pipeline is sufficient to circle Earth nearly 300 times!  

#FunFact – 8

Plumbers in some parts of the world need to pass a rigorous test to become certified professionals. So you know you can trust the abilities of a certified plumber!  

#FunFact – 9

Did you know the word “plumber” comes from the Latin term “plumbum”? It means “lead,” referring to the lead pipes that ancient Romans used to transport water into their homes.   

#FunFact – 10

A toilet flush uses up to 5 gallons of water every time you flush! Such amounts of water are sufficient to fill an entire swimming pool!   

#FunFact – 11

It’s fascinating to know that an average person spends at least 3 years of their entire life on the toilet. We can’t avoid going to the toilet every day, but who knew it takes so much time in our lives?

#FunFact – 12

At least 25% of the indoor water usage of a residential home in the United States is used in toilets. After toilets, the next closest appliance uses up to 20% of indoor water usage.   

#FunFact – 13

Plastic piping has existed in the plumbing scenario since 1960. However, they have recently become popular because of their cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, etc.    

#FunFact – 14

Did you know that setting your water heater to more than 125 degrees Celsius could burn your skin in seconds if not handled carefully? Therefore, setting your water heater above 125 degrees Celsius is not recommended. 

#FunFact – 15

Another fascinating fact about toilet flushes is that installing a low-flush toilet could save you 18,000 gallons annually!

#FunFact – 16

Did you know Boston was the first U.S. city to have indoor plumbing? Tremont Hotel in Boston was the first hotel in 1829 in the United States to have indoor plumbing. 

#FunFact – 17 

You will be fascinated to learn that Albert Einstein wanted to be a plumber in another life. As per reports, Albert Einstein, if he had a chance to do it all over again, wanted to be a plumber. Due to this, the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union made him an honorary member.


#FunFact – 18

Why do you think the manhole covers are round in shape? Well, the manhole cover is strategically designed in a round shape so that the lid doesn’t fall through when they are turned sideways. The round shape prevents it from falling into the manhole, making it difficult to recover. 

#FunFact – 19

Did you know that the primary material of any piping system is copper? Plumbers use copper piping as the primary material for indoor plumbing systems. Moreover, the majority of residential households have copper piping in the plumbing system.  

#FunFact – 20

We know it’s officially cool to be a plumber, but did you know that Mario and Luigi from the video game Super Mario Brothers were plumbers by profession? Fascinating, isn’t it?


As you can see, the plumbing and various fun facts related to it go much deeper than most people realise. More so, it is quite accurate in some cases! Whether you’re a homeowner looking for plumbing maintenance tips or just curious about this profession’s history, these 20 fun facts offer an interesting glimpse into the world of plumbing. So now you know what makes plumbing both unique and necessary in our lives today! 

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