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5 Questions You Will Want To Ask Your Remodeling Firm



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If you want to remodel your home with a professional general contractor then you must be worried about whether they can deliver services as per your expectations or not. Well, you can ask a few questions to your general contractor to ensure that you have chosen the right one in your location.

If you want to hire reliable San Diego remodeling contractors, you should contact EX Remodeling or visit our website to know more about us. So, let us know the questions to ask your remodeling firm before hiring for your home remodeling project.

Is your company licensed and insured? 

One of the most important questions that you need to ask your remodeling firm is whether they are insured or licensed to perform certain remodeling works. Sometimes, homeowners do not inspect the home remodeling company they are hiring for their renovation project.

They do not have any idea if the company is licensed or insured. If a company is licensed then they are eligible to perform certain types of remodeling work. Similarly, a company can protect the homeowner if they are insured.

How long have you been in business?

Your remodeling firm must have a good experience in a home remodeling project and should have completed many home additions, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

This will ensure that they have pretty good knowledge about the current trends in home renovation. Sometimes, a contractor does have a fair knowledge about home remodeling, but he might not have any idea about home additions.

So, you should ask about their experience in every aspect of a home remodeling project. With an experienced contractor, there is little or no chance of error.

Who will monitor my home remodeling project? 

As a homeowner, you should know who is designing your home. Whether you want to do a small makeover of your home or go for home additions, you should understand who is going to monitor the entire project.

Sometimes, the company does in-house projects and sometimes they hire sub-contractors depending on their experience and availability of the resources. So, you should ask about such things to ensure that your home is in safe hands.

Building a beautiful house is your dream, which should not be shattered by such things. You should know whether you will get professional assistance in selecting the right material, fixtures, and color palettes or you have to do it by yourself.

How is the construction supervised?

The most important aspect of a home remodeling project is how it is supervised. A skilled professional with adequate knowledge of new trends in home remodeling should monitor your renovation project to ensure that there is less chance of error.

You should ask about the experience of the supervisor or the project manager to get assured that your home is in safe hands. Remember, this person is responsible for meeting potential clients, preparing a layout plan, managing the entire project, and designing your house with modern architecture.

The project manager should also be cooperative enough to understand your needs and make changes in the layout plan as per your suggestions.

Can you complete the home remodeling project by my deadline?

Well, this can be a tough question to ask a remodeling firm as delivering the project depends on the type of renovation work a homeowner wants for his home.

The time of delivery might get affected by certain other factors such as if the homeowner wants changes in the layout plan or if the family members are staying in the house and renovating a certain portion, etc.

The home remodeling project also takes longer if the necessary permits are not obtained in time.


These are the basic questions that a homeowner must ask the remodeling firm before starting the renovation work. However, you can also ask several other questions such as customer reviews, knowledge of the contractor about current trends in home remodeling, knowledge of master renovation, etc.

Remember, a good remodeling firm should be popular among homeowners and should be in demand.

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