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8 Easy Garage Door Maintenance Tips



As a homeowner, we usually use our garage door a lot, yet spend little to no effort to maintain it. Maintaining the garage door is vital to make it last longer and also for your safety. It’s essential to understand the importance of garage door maintenance. Regular maintenance checks can help you quickly identify and address any issues so that your doors remain functioning correctly and safely. Here are some simple, easy tips to help you keep your garage door working optimally.

Checking Springs & Cables Regularly

Garage door springs and cables are essential components that help to open and close it. Every house owner must periodically check these and ensure they are in good condition. If there is any visible damage, it’s a good idea to have them replaced immediately. Worn springs or cables can cause serious injury if they break suddenly, so regularly check for signs of wear and tear.

Lubricating Moving Parts

Lubricating the moving parts on your garage door can help keep it running smoothly. Make sure you use the proper lubricants for your particular model. Before using a lube on your garage door, remember to check with the manufacturer. It is also a good idea to lubricate your rollers every few months so they do not become too dry or rusty.

Clean Tracks & Rollers

Dirt, debris, and dust can accumulate on the tracks and rollers over time. It can lead to malfunctions, so cleaning them regularly with a soft cloth or even a damp rag is essential. However, remember never to use harsh chemicals since these can cause more harm. It will help keep them free from dirt, allowing the rollers and other components to move more freely along the track.

Tighten Hardware and Bolts

A loose bolt can cause the door not to close correctly or even break when it’s in motion. Connect with the professionals if you need help with how to tighten  your hardware and bolts. Next, check all your connectors and fasteners before using your garage door. It will help you identify  the damage so you can repair or replace it quickly before the issue worsens. Also, check the condition of the rollers. If you notice signs that these rollers may need replacement soon, don’t wait but  quickly connect with the technicians for replacement rather.

Checking Balance & Alignment

It is also essential to check the balance of your garage door periodically because an unbalanced door can put extra strain on its motor and other parts, leading to premature wear and tear or even complete failure in extreme cases. Additionally, ensure that all the screws and bolts are tight as this will ensure proper alignment and balance of all parts involved in opening and closing your garage door system.

Test the Battery Backup

The battery backup is the most critical part of your garage door. It keeps your garage door closed when there’s no power and allows you to open and close it if there is any power outage in your area. You should check the battery backup once a month, primarily if you haven’t used it or moved recently. You want to ensure that it still works properly. If not, replace it immediately. If you don’t have access to an electronic tester, try testing with an analogue multimeter instead. It’ll give more accurate readings than a digital tester can provide because they’re not as sensitive.

Replace the Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping or garage door insulation benefits the homeowner in multiple ways. It keeps the heat and cold out to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home. It also creates an excellent sound barrier that keeps all the noise out and provides a peaceful ambience. There are multiple other benefits of installing the seal around your garage door. However, one must replace the insulation whenever one finds gaps or drafts to keep enjoying these benefits. Usually, if a professional worker installed your insulation, it would last between 10 to 15 years. However, you must inspect the seal and perform occasional touch ups when necessary.

Look for Insects and Rodents

Everything about your garage door can be on point, but tiny insects and rodents can still create significant damage. Therefore, you must take the time to check for signs of pests before they get in. For starters, look for any damage to the door itself. If there are holes and cracks in its surface, pests are inside through them, causing problems outside. You can also look for gaps in or around opener mechanisms (if you have one installed) since these areas may also be vulnerable to entry from rodents and other animals who like to chew on things like wires or batteries.

Concluding Words

Regular maintenance is vital to ensure your garage doors remain safe and functional year-round. By following these simple tips, you can identify potential problems before they become more significant, saving you money. Contact a professional immediately if something looks off with your garage doors or if their operation seems unusual. Only try fixing something yourself if you’re confident. With regular maintenance checks and repairs done by professionals whenever necessary, you should have no problem keeping up with optimal performance from your garage doors year after year.

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