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Aftercare Tips for Scalp micropigmentation



You have now received the care you have been waiting for. You’ve completed your scalp micropigmentation procedure and are pleased with the preliminary results. But what about aftercare for scalp-micropigmentation?

During scalp-micropigmentation, the professionals deposit scalp ink in Melbourne using microneedles into the scalp’s outermost layers of skin. As the wound heals, new skin layers will appear on the pigmented region. You’ll have undetectable, natural-looking scalp-micropigmentation when the scalp has fully healed. You must adhere to a regimen for scalp micropigmentation aftercare after your treatment session.

What is Aftercare of Scalp micropigmentation?

The aftercare of SMP utilising scalp ink is crucial for maintaining the final effects. The following actions should be followed after each SMP session and once the treatment is completed. The scalp needs to get taken care of every day for this.

The success of your scalp-micropigmentation treatment will depend on how well you take care of it. The goal of scalp micropigmentation aftercare is to lessen the likelihood of fading and extend the life of your treatmentmicropigmentation.

What Happens after SMP Treatment?

You will appear completely different after your last treatment session. After the treatment, it’s up to you to take care of the remainder to get the finest outcomes and lifespan.

After the first three days, all treatment areas must be cleaned; if possible, hair should not be damp. Also, stay away from steam rooms, tanning beds, chlorinated pools, and saunas. After receiving SMP therapy, a blood donor should wait at least a year before providing blood again.

Here are several aftercare suggestions that still work. Always talk with a scalp micropigmentation expert if you want more specific guidance or have inquiries that need to be addressed here.

Prime Aftercare Tips


  • Daily moisturising
  • Avert excessive perspiration
  • Try to keep your head as dry as you can
  • Avoid rubbing your scalp in the treated regions (use a dabbing motion if itchy)

Day 0 to 5

Treat your scalp like an open wound for the first three days following a scalp-micropigmentation procedure; thus, keeping it clean is crucial. Avoid any strenuous cardio exercises, scalp cleaning, and extreme perspiration. To help the tattoo heal, allow your scalp to breathe.

You shouldn’t soak your head in the shower for the first three days. Instead, wipe your head with a wet flannel or towel.

The scalp-micropigmentation experts recommend avoiding hot tubs and swimming pools because chlorine, water, and heat can change the colour and hasten to fade.

Use sunscreen with a factor of at least 50 if you spend a lot of time outside (after three days). Sunscreen will stop your scalp-micropigmentation from fading too rapidly and prevent the UV rays from harming your scalp. Avoid any physical contact with the treated region in the following days because it may cause scabs and unintended scarring.

Day 6 to 30

Your scalp-micropigmentation will settle and heal beautifully after the first six days. You start setting up an aftercare schedule. It is still vital to moisturise often, ideally with a non-greasy product, and we still advise you to avoid activities that will make you sweat excessively. Unless your skin is dry, it’s a good idea to moisturise every 8 hours.

While this is a general recommendation, your scalp-micropigmentation specialist will provide you with more specific advice to guarantee the effectiveness and durability of your treatment. Your head could itch a little throughout this healing phase, but this is natural.

You can now resume washing your scalp with soap, ideally, without alcohol or other harsh chemicals, and take a brief shower.

Day 30+

After 30+ days, you can use your saunas, steam rooms, and swimming pools again. The most important things to keep up with after day 30 are keeping your scalp moisturised if it feels dry and using sunscreen.

When to Wash Scalp?

  • Days 1 through 3: Avoid washing or bathing your head 
  • Days 4 through 6: Dab your head with a moist cloth or flannel 
  • Days 7 through 30: Wash your head regularly, avoiding harsh chemicals and alcohol.

Hair Cut After SMP

You can shave your head using an electric razor after a week. We advise using an electric foil shaver that removes hair from the scalp for the best results (once fully healed). We recommend wet shaving one more time while you’re recuperating. 

Healing Process

Your scalp may be sore since you have several little impressions made over several sessions. On an average, it will take 7–10 days to recover. However, everyone’s recovery time may vary.

As a natural body reaction, redness, itching, and swelling on the scalp are all extremely typical. As previously indicated, you may also notice the ink leaking. It is because your body is attempting to reject the ink. After all, it is a foreign substance to your scalp. If this occurs, wipe it gently with a moist towel and make sure you dry it.

Lion Mane SMP: Professional Scalp micropigmentation Experts

Some people get overwhelmed with the decision of scalp-micropigmentation, all because of its aftercare necessities. If you are dwelling on the same page, following the  tips mentioned above  will help you heal your scalp-micropigmentation shortly. 

If you have more queries about how to process aftercare of scalp micropigmentation treatment, our experts remain just a call away from helping you with the same. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us soon!