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Are Open Kitchens Going Out of Style?



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An open-concept kitchen features a lack of barriers in the kitchen and the area surrounding it. Typically, an open-style kitchen includes both the dining room and living room, which collectively refers to the great room.

What is the ideal size for an open-style kitchen? Well, it depends on how much space is available in your home. However, the ideal size for an open kitchen should be a minimum of 35 square meters.

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So, let us know the advantages and disadvantages of an open kitchen and also understand if this type of kitchen design is going out of style.

Advantages of an open kitchen:

An open kitchen features open spaces where it eliminates the wall features. It combines both living and dining spaces.

  • With an open-style kitchen, your space will look visually bigger in size.
  • If you have a small area in your home, then you will get benefitted from this type of kitchen design.
  • With this type of kitchen design, you can build a kitchen island even if the space is limited.
  • An open kitchen looks superb and gives a curb appeal to your home. It gives a contemporary look to your space.
  • You can perform multiple tasks that include cooking and dining to relaxing, working and entertaining, etc. in such type of kitchen design.
  • These are a perfect choice for a modern home.
  • Ann open kitchen is a universal design and hence adds value to your property.

Disadvantages of an open-design kitchen

However, open kitchens do have a few disadvantages as far as privacy is concerned.

  • You will notice a lot of noise in your kitchen area with an open-style kitchen design.
  • You might allow unwanted odor to enter your dining space with an open-concept kitchen.
  • If your guests are sitting in the living space, then it might cause privacy issues for the person working in the open kitchen.
  • This type of kitchen might be expensive to design.
  • It requires a lot of maintenance.

Is the open kitchen going out of style?

Well, the answer depends upon certain factors that include, the square footage of your home, the number of members residing in your family, your requirements, and your preferences.

Who can go for an open-style kitchen?

  • If you want to give a modern and elegant look to your home, then go with an open-plan kitchen area. However, the trend is getting less popular in some areas as new trends are emerging in kitchen remodeling
  • If you want to combine individual activities with social togetherness, then you can go for an open-style kitchen design. Your family members can get engaged in their own activities while they can still communicate with each other with such open plans. It can create a large open social space in your home.

Who should avoid an open-style kitchen?

  • If you have small children in your family and your home often gets messy, then you should avoid building an open-style kitchen. An open kitchen should not look messy as it will give an unorganized and dirty look to your space.
  • If guests often visit your home, then an open kitchen might create privacy issues for you. So, you should go for a closed kitchen that will not allow the odor to travel to the living space.
  • If your home has adequate square footage, then you can build a closed kitchen that will not give your home a clumsy look.


Trends might go out of style as new trends emerge to give you comfort and style. Hence, you should think about your requirements while designing your kitchen. If you are facing difficulties in choosing the right design for your kitchen, then you should contact a professional in your location to design your dream kitchen.

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