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Bedroom Elements Guide For Harmonising Living Space



Bedroom Elements Guide For Harmonising Living Space

Do you feel uncomfortable to live in your own house? It might have any relation to the color of the paint that you have chosen to paint your house. Researchers believe that colors are influencing the comfort of our surroundings as well as our mood. Different color has its most appropriate place in your house. Please go on to read this article to get more complete information about the importance of color for your house.

According to feng shui, decorating your bedroom does not only involve choosing the right furniture and colors but also following feng shui tips when decorating the room. The main thing kept in mind in feng shui while decorating a bedroom is to improve the romance and partnership in a pair, and to help a single person find a partner.

Feng shui tips suggest first take an objective look at the bedroom and to make sure that there are two of everything in the room to promote pairing. This means even the candles, end tables, and statuaries too should be in pairs here. And if the furniture is meant for a single bed, at least have a double bed placed in the room.

Feng Shui believes that each color has certain characteristics that might be appropriate in a particular spot but might be inappropriate for other spots. Here are some examples of colors and its characteristics when it is applied in your house.

Because of this, the colors have to adapt to the mood of the bedroom, which seeks to awaken the occupant. In jail, most of the cell colors are pink in color which will soothe the mood of the prisoners. Let’s explore some powerful colors.


#1. Red

It gives the effect of stimulation and dominance. It is also closely related to warm characteristics as well as prosperity. However, this color also symbolizes anger, shame, and hatred. Applying red paint makes your room looks smaller, but it gives bigger looks for your objects or furniture. Red is good to be applied as an accent color, but it is inappropriate for the dining room, the bedroom for your children, and the working room.


#2. Yellow

It is closely related to enlightenment and intellectuality. It is stimulating the brain and helping digest. The positive characteristics are optimism, mind, and firmness, while the negative ones are hyperbolic and stiff. It is appropriate for the front door of your house and kitchen, but it is inappropriate for the bathroom.

Yellows and oranges can help with happiness, energy, and concentration. Too much of these colors cause anxiety and restlessness, however, so use in moderation. Try using them in accents. They can help you absorb the necessary energy to have a great attitude after you wake up!


#3. Green

It symbolizes growth, fertility, and harmony. It is a relaxing and refreshing color. The positive characteristics are optimism, freedom, and balance while the negative one is envy and lie. It is appropriate for the bathroom but inappropriate for the family room, playing room, and studying room.


#4. Blue & Green

Blue color represents peace and freshness. The positive way aspects are belief and stability, but on the contrary, it relates to melancholy. It matches the bedroom but inappropriate for the family room, dining room, and working room.

Using blue in your room, (blue is a Yin color), promotes a calm atmosphere. In addition, blue equates to peace, trust and is a healing color. You can combine blues and greens to create an even more calming room. Although green promotes energy, it also elicits calm. Using a strong blue color with small green stripes, for example, is an excellent choice for the wall color in your room.


#5. Purple

Purple is an excellent choice for your bedroom because it promotes healing, much like blue does (they are in a related family). Purple can be used in candles, pillows, curtains, etc. to add to the calm and healing nature of your bedroom. White is also a color that brings calm. You can find beautiful candles with a combination of these colors that will work best when placed by your bed.

So what about you? Have you chosen the right color?


Importance Of Art Work

The artwork in the room should have couples and not lone figures of a man or woman. Bed sheets should always be clean while the decoration made according to your taste, and your partner’s taste. To ensure the free flow of energy in the bedroom, feng shui tips include removing all stuff under the bed and to remove work-related material like computers and exercise equipment from the room. This is because work should be in the workplace, and not in the bedroom.


Choosing Right Furniture

Too many books on a bed bookshelf lead to clutter and confusion at night. Televisions have to be covered for a good night’s sleep as its eye staring at you will not give a good night’s sleep. Wooden beds are better than electricity conducting metal beds.

Feng shui tips suggest using lighting that is not too dim or bright in the bedroom while too large mirrors should be avoided as this will only startle you in the middle of the night. The bed headboard should always be against a solid wall and not windows, for better support.

The bed should be placed where it is possible to easily see people entering the room. While round and oval shapes are encouraged in the room, sharp angles are not as they don’t promote harmony.


Must-Follow Bedroom Do’s and Don’t’s

1. Get rid of the television, computer, and even the exercise equipment in your bedroom. Remember that the bedroom is the place to relax and sleep, putting all these appliances and equipment there will give distracting energy to the bedroom.

2. Open your windows frequently. The quality of air in this room is a very important consideration. In line with this, it is important to have the right oxygen level in your room so that the air you breathe in will be fresh and clean. If you don’t have a large window, you can also use air-purifiers to improve the air quality.

3. Have several appropriate lighting. Good lighting is important to create the perfect atmosphere in the bedroom.  Otherwise, using candles is also recommended though you should be careful to buy candles that are toxin-free.

4. Use soothing colors for your bedroom. Soothing colors can help you achieve a balance in your personal space. The best colors you can use are the “human-skin” colors which can range from fair to chocolate brown.

5. Choose good images for your bedroom. Images you put in this room have very powerful energy.

6. Follow the feng shui guide on the placement of your bed. It is important for your bed to be easily approached from its two sides and have bedside tables on both sides as well.

7. Close all the doors in your bedroom before going to sleep. You need to close all closet doors, bathroom doors, and the bedroom door to enable the nourishing energy within the bedroom to nourish you while you sleep.

3. Remove plants from your bedroom. It’s not recommended to have plants in a small bedroom area. Take care not to put the plant near the bed as well.



In reality, the bedroom is the most used place in the house and it should be cozy, comfortable to be relaxed. These small adjustments like colors, furniture, and elements can influence feelings. That can enhance sleep as well as harmonize relationships.

Bhawana Rathore is a passionate SharePoint Architect having around 10 years of IT experience in the industry. She has been recognized by Microsoft as the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Office Apps & Services twice. She writes at and helping people to enhance their lives by sharing Feng Shui related information at FengshuiTricks Youtube Channel. She is also a co-founder of , KnifeAndFork.Info