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Best Ways to Replace Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops



When you dream about a pipe bursting under your kitchen sink, you can file an insurance claim and have the kitchen of your dreams. You’re the only one interested in making improvements without spending a fortune. You can have a significant influence without touching expensive goods like countertops. A kitchen cabinet makeover is all you need to create a noticeable change. If your kitchen gives a bleak tone, it’s high time you transform these boring cabinets and countertops and give your kitchen a whole new look. There are many ways to convert your boring kitchen into a fun and vibrant one. Spice up your kitchen look with light hues and fresh paint.

The Process of Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing is a relatively cost-effective solution even when professionals do it. There are four major steps to follow:

●    Kitchen Surfaces

Experts will cover your kitchen, including new appliances and countertops. This will protect them from dust, debris, and any damage. They cover the internal cabinet space. One of the pros is that the professional put back the doors after cabinet refinishing.

●    Prepare the Cabinets

It’s time to get the cabinets ready when the kitchen surfaces are ready for the refinishing procedure. Seasoned specialists will first clean the cabinets, doors, and handles. Removing any dirt or debris from the cabinets is key to ensuring that any fresh paint or stain will adhere well and have a vivid appearance. Technicians will remove the wood’s present paint, stain, or varnish after it has cured. The final step is applying fine-grit sandpaper or an electric sander to scrape any leftover paint. Expert specialists take great care to ensure that this process won’t compromise the stability of the wood.

●    Prime, Stain, Paint

Refinishing is important to prime, stain, and paint your cabinets. Wood pricing makes sure that the paint keeps up the surfaces. This will give a vivid and long-lasting experience. Professionals mostly use paint that is of high quality but has low odor. It usually lasts without leaving behind any dizzying fumes. Furthermore, if you want to stain, technicians are there to help you. They take great care to make everything look appealing.

●    Finish and Reinstall

When you’re done with the finishing touch, reinstall everything, like cabinet doors, to their exact place. Then technicians start cleaning up the covers now that your kitchen has a fresh, vibrant appearance.

Things to Consider While Refinishing Kitchen

1.   Restore Old Handles and Fittings

Cabinet door handles are mostly metal-based, and they often rust. The rust came from the steam and moisture that destroyed the handle and the fittings. Clean your cabinet doors and knobs to renovate your kitchen to give it a new look.

2.   Refacing Cabinets

Refacing your cabinets means when only changing the front-facing doors of the cabinet. This is a cost-effective solution to make your cabinets look brand new. You can paint the cabinet doors to match the pace to make them look vibrant.

3.   Remodel the Kitchen Design

If you want to replace the counter, you should speak with a professional with the expertise to maximize your space’s efficiency and practicality. If you are replacing the kitchen counter without changing your cabinets, that’s not the ideal solution.

4.   Paint them With a New, Fresh Color

Repaint your kitchen to give it a new look without investing a ton of wood. That would cost a lot. Unhinge your cabinets, sand them down, paint them again, and attach them to their frames. Kitchen cabinets require different techniques to paint them. There is a difference between laminated cabinets and hardwood ones. You won’t feel like that bank’s breaking when you know how to repaint your cabinets to give your kitchen an aesthetic look.

5.   Modernize Finishing

Remember the color you choose for your cabinets before cabinet refinishing. Target those colors and styles that give a modern look to your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets and countertops should complement each other.

6.   Swap out Your Hardware

Sometimes fresh handles and knobs are all your kitchen cabinets require. It seems straightforward yet has a profound impact.

The important thing in this situation is to pick hardware that matches your countertops and the fresh finish or face you’ve given your cabinets. You might use this to add a quirky little touch to your kitchen.

7.   Methodical Door Removal

A fantastic idea to update your kitchen and make it feel more open and modern is to remove some of the doors. You can display colorful embellishments and update dated cabinet faces by choosing a few doors to leave entirely open. Extra points if you make your cabinets appear larger.

To Wrap it Up

The services will turn your kitchen up to your demands and make your refinishing journey as efficient as possible.