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Cleaning Of Springs of Your Garage – Tips and Tricks



It’s finally spring, which means it’s time to clean up. Your garage may have taken a beating over the winter. You may have Christmas lights stacked up in one corner and leaves and salt all over the floor. It’s time for garage maintenance now that temperatures are rising. These are the steps you need to take to make your garage ready for summer barbecues and family fun.

Take on the Clutter

Garages are a place where things accumulate and remain unused for many years. Take everything out of the garage on a sunny morning. Analyze every item and see if it was used within the last three years. You can either toss the item or have it listed for a future garage sale. Remember that toxic items like batteries and old paint must be safely disposed of.

Clearing the Floor

Garage maintenance is important because you will spend time on the floor after winter, which can be quite grimy. Sweep and clean the garage. This is the best time to clean up all that winter’s gunk.

Checking The Door

Before you begin loading the garage, inspect the door and opening system. Check for signs of wear, such as worn rails or springs. To ensure that the garage is working properly, open it a few times.

To test the safety features, place something on the ground, away from the line of the sensor to make sure that the door opens when it is blocked. To ensure the door does not open, place something on the floor in front of the sensor.

Spring cleaning is a great time to grease the moving parts of the door. Spray lubricant on tracks, rollers, and hinges to maintain a good working condition. Garage maintenance should be done at least once a year.

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Reloading Garage

Place your items in designated areas when you return them to the garage. Similar items should be placed in logical locations. For example, the broom should be near the kitchen door. To keep your tools organized, invest in shelving, cabinets and peg boards. Labels should be applied to any items that are not easily visible in tubs or boxes.

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