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Common Types of Home Security Threats



Common Types of Home Security Threats

Our home is a haven for us. We feel relaxed once we return home after a tiring day in the office or the field. Also, we feel safe and sound in our home. All our feelings of safety can go to the dogs if there is a threat to the house.

There are several types of threats one can be exposed to in a home. Everyone needs to be aware and mindful of them and take measures beforehand to deal with them.


The most typical types of security threats and their measures are as follows.

1. Fire Accidents

Instances of fire accidents are commoner than we think. There are several reasons as to what kindles a fire in a property. Fire from the kitchen, i.e., cooking gas, is one reason. The leaked gas can spread around in the home quickly. Also, it is highly combustible.

A slight spark from a matchstick or from clicking an electricity switch can ignite a fire. Arson is another common reason for household fire accident.

It is needless to say that it is very devastating and threatening to life.

Having a smoke detector outside the kitchen is very useful. It detects the fire before it is too late to control it. Automatic sprinklers can do your job of put out the fire effortlessly. It also avoids the need for someone to control it.

Additionally, a fire extinguisher is a device that comes to aid in case of classes B and C of fire.


2. Home Breaches

Although this phenomenon is more known in remote areas, it is also seen in some of the most populated areas. Burglary is a common problem in which someone breaches into the property and takes away the valuables like expensive items, jewelry, and so forth. It is commoner in larger properties with less security.

At times, during a burglary attempt, there can be confrontations between the house owner and the burglars. It can also result in nasty consequences.

There are other instances of home breaches for assault, arson, vandalism, and so on.

The best thing to do to avoid such an unpleasant experience is to have reliable security in place. Employing security personnel is essential. You can supplement the security with the help of guard dogs. Having a CCTV camera will increase vigilance manifold.

Another way to deter a potential attempt of home breaching is to have reinforced doors and windows. These doors are made up of strong material, namely steel, titanium, carbon fiber, etc. They also have an intricate mechanism of latching and unlatching.


3. Internal Theft

Having a big house is not an easy thing to deal with. To maintain the big house, we have to have more domestic help employees. Along with adding help to your home, it increases security vulnerability.

It increases theft and other unpleasant incidences. It is further encouraged by the lack of vigilance.

Having a set of security cameras, constant recordings, and an adequate vigilance staff can help you reduce these issues to zero. Besides, the frisking of the outgoing staff members can help you even more.

Make sure to have cameras such that every corner of the house is covered.


4. Not Using Door Camera and Monitor

An invasion is never invited or expected. We never foresee such instances if we do not realize any such threat. There could be consequences of such cases at an unimaginable level. Having a peephole can be a good help. However, the door camera and monitor are a more sophisticated security system.

It gives a far broader coverage of the face of the person at the door. It allows you to talk before opening the door.

It can help you with a better view. For reinforced doors, i.e., doors designed to withstand impacts deterring the breach’s attempt, such a smart system is crucial.


5. Not Using Biometrics for Access

If you have some domestic help, then it isn’t easy to track their every movement. It may get difficult to allow them access to only the specific facilities. Some of them need to access these facilities quite often. It is also tricky to log each of their access attempts.

Having a biometric access system can be sophisticated and thus a better solution for such concerns. Every time your cook needs to access your door, a simple thumbprint validation can allow them entry. Also, it records the logs to salary pay-out and data analytics.

Biometric access is also handy because it avoids the hassle of carrying the keys. There is also no risk of losing the keys. It also has a better locking system and fewer vulnerabilities than a conventional lock.


To Conclude

These were some common security threats to a home and the ways to deal with them. Get a superior quality home security system installed by Hawkeye Security and Electronics. This step will elevate the level of safety you provide for your loved ones.

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