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Debunking Common Misconceptions About Demolition Services



Demolition in Melbourne is an often misunderstood service with numerous myths and misconceptions regarding its operations. To many people, demolition means destruction and chaos; however, this is far from the truth! In reality, demolition services are methodical processes involving thorough research, planning, preparation, and safety measures. 

Let’s look at some of the common myths about demolition and get to the truth behind them. 

8 Common Myths About Demolition Services  

Myth #1: They Are Too Dangerous 

Demolition jobs indeed come with certain risks—but you can easily minimise those risks if you hire a demolition company with experienced professionals. Such companies have the necessary safety tools and gear to ensure the execution of each job safely. Furthermore, professional demolition teams know exactly what they’re doing and carefully execute the task without causing extra damage to nearby structures or properties.

Myth #2: Heavy Equipment is all You Need! 

Heavy types of equipment are not the only major requirements in demolition services. While they play a crucial role in most demolition projects, contractors also require bulldozers and cranes, along with operators who know the right way to effectively and safely use the equipment to achieve maximum results. 

Myth #3: Anyone Could Do it! 

Did you believe anyone can achieve demolition work? No, it’s not true! The job is a complex process and requires extensive knowledge, experience and following safety protocols and regulations along with specialised equipment and tools. Therefore, it’s crucial to hire the best demolition contractors in Melbourne to complete the tasks with precision!

Professional demolition companies have contractors with years of experience who have dealt with different types of projects. They also have access to specialised equipment and tools that assists them in completing tasks more quickly and efficiently. 

Myth #4: Demolition Contractor Simply Blow-up Buildings 

With advancements in technology, demolition services contractors continually look for better and more effective means of accomplishing their demolition projects. The traditional wrecking ball and explosives are dated, and the latest technology models, such as the 360-degree excavator, are more considerable and efficient for completing demolition from the inside out. 

Currently, the only buildings blown up are skyscrapers, but contractors only use explosives when other technologies fail to reach the upper stories of the building. Professional demolition contractors are enthusiastic and keen on learning new ways and mean to clear the way for new construction.

Myth #5: It is Detrimental to the Environment

Demolition work does produce a lot of debris and hazardous materials that the contractors later clear out. However, they often carry out demolition work on structures that no longer comply with building codes and may contain hazardous materials. Such structures need demolishing or replacement for the benefit of the environment. 

Furthermore, contractors work towards recovering the demolition components to the greatest extent possible for repurposing, recycling or discarding purposes. Thus, reducing waste, conserving natural resources, and reducing greenhouse gases.


Myth #6: There is no Scientific Destruction Method

Many believe demolition work does not require scientific knowledge. However, did you know that every part of a modern demolition requires precise planning, research, meticulously monitored, and execution in a controlled environment? Apart from this, companies work towards staying relevant in the demolition industry by regularly improving risk management, debris categorisation, and structural engineering.

Myth #7: Historical Buildings Most Commonly Undergo Demolition

There is a myth that the most commonly demolished buildings are historical. In reality, such incidents are quite rare as various historical groups, local councils, etc., would try all means to save, update, or renovate such buildings rather than allowing their demolition. After approval from the municipal council, contractors execute the demolition of a historical building if the structure is unsafe for people and they cannot salvage it in any other way. 

Myth #8: Demolition Is Expensive

Demolition work requires extensive skills, preparation, tools and equipment. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that such work would be expensive. However, in comparison to the expenses of reconstructing a structure, demolition work is rather affordable. Moreover, the demolition procedure could account for only two per cent of the total project expenses of constructing a new building in the location. Thus, the cost of destruction may not be as expensive as people assume. 

You can also contact demolition companies or asbestos removal contractors to check the prices of demolition for a better understanding of the rates. 


Demolition services require professionalism as they involve precision, careful planning and meticulous execution. They also require preparation, safety protocols, specialised equipment and tools, and experienced and trained personnel to effectively execute the task without any extra damages. 

If you need these services for any kind of project you may have in mind (commercial or residential), you can contact an experienced professional from one of the most reputed demolition companies in Melbourne – Mehri Group, and speak to them right away!