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How To Avoid Some Common Post-Thanksgiving Plumbing Problems



How To Avoid Some Common Post-Thanksgiving Plumbing Problems

People celebrate ‘Thanksgiving Day’ as a national holiday in countries like Canada, United States, Liberia, and some of the Caribbean Islands. It’s an extraordinary day that reminds everyone to be thankful for what they have. Families around the world get together for a joint meal that mainly consists of a roasted turkey, potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, gravy, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

While people go on shopping sprees and participate in various family gatherings, many of us are most probably at risk of running into the uneasiness of Brown Friday. The post-Thanksgiving day is well-known as one of the busiest days in the lives of plumbers all around the globe. It’s because people face a variety of plumbing issues like clogged sinks in the kitchen, a shortage of hot water, and blocked toilets.

Now we will discuss some common plumbing problems that you may face the day after Thanksgiving along with their solutions:

Clogged Kitchen Sinks

The blockage in the kitchen sinks is one of the most common and annoying issues related to residential plumbing systems. It’s because families have to cook much food for their guests, neighbours, and friends. Washing a massive pile of dishes is not an easy task to achieve on Thanksgiving day. While cleaning up all the dishes, you are most likely to deal with the clogged sink, as well.

Most of us pour stuff down the drain unintentionally because of the many dishes that we have to clean up. The food remains, oil and grease that is too big to be drained get stuck in the sink leading to its clogging. Such material transforms into a thick, sticky substance when it gets cold.

Now, most of the households use chemical compounds to clear a drain. These chemicals might clear the clog, but at the same time, could also damage the pipes. The most obvious way of clearing the sink clog is to flush boiled water down the drain. If it doesn’t serve the purpose, try baking soda solution and vinegar, which works most of the time. If the problem persists, call the best plumbers near you to fix your kitchen sink.

Shortage of Hot Water

Another problem that many family members face post-Thanksgiving is the shortage of hot water coming through various appliances. It’s mainly because the majority of the households use conventional water heaters, which warm water in a large tank before it’s available for usage. Families buy instant water heaters and boilers according to the number of family members. But, when you have many visitors at home on Thanksgiving, you could face the lack of hot water in taps and faucets.

Running out of warm water doesn’t mean your boiler is not working efficiently. It’s just because of the increased demand for hot water on Thanksgiving. Try to solve this issue by making a tight schedule by asking everyone to take quick and short showers to save hot water. If the problem continues, it might be because of some fault with your water heater. It may well be because of building up too much of sediments in the heater’s tank. You may resolve this by flushing the boiler with force. If there is any fault with the thermostat, then you better take professional help from nearby plumbers.

Blocked Toilets

On Thanksgiving, toilets are also a victim of overuse. As you have to entertain many guests at your home, many of them may use your bathroom casually, like flushing down too many toilet papers, and other things that shouldn’t be flushed. Such items don’t go all the way through pipes. Instead, their debris keeps on accumulating and form permanent clogging.

Try using boiled water to open up the drain. You could also utilize some vinegar and baking soda solution. Educate others about what you can and what you can’t flush down the toilet.

No doubt, Thanksgiving is one of the most important days in many cultures. People have to face all sorts of plumbing issues in this period due to the overuse of the residential plumbing structure.