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How To Reseal The Granite & Other Natural Stone In Your Home



How To Reseal The Granite & Other Natural Stone In Your Home

Would you ever prefer to go with costly repair or replacement of granite or other natural stone? Moreover, your answer would be “NO.” The fact cannot be ignored that a damaged protective seal leaves granite or another natural stone surface easily and it can lead to costly repairs.  Moreover, costly repair or replacement does not sound ideal at all. According to the experts, stone protection must not be ignored as it can make a hole in your pocket. If you are having enough time then you must make sure that your stone is ideally protected. 

Sealing granite countertops or any other sort of natural stone surface is not a tricky thing to do. You may do it on your own if having enough time; you may call the experts Fin case having no time. If you are really interested to do it on your own, you can do it on your own following simple and easy steps. 

Do you know what kind of some easy and simple steps you need to follow to get your granite or other natural stone fixed installed on a shower wall, vanity or floor? Sealing frequently plays a major role to maintain maximum surface protection to resistance against etching, soil build-up marker staining. Timely taken steps make it possible that you would not have to spend a lot of time, effort or money on fixing things. 

Some people get confused that how often-natural stone must be sealed. Some Natural stone supplier experts say that it should be done once in a year. On the other hand, some say that it should be done two times a year. But the truth is that you can never over-seal your stone. All you need to do is taking care of your stone. You should not ignore the importance of stone fixing on time. Frequent sealing plays a major role in cater to constant protection against oil-based stains such as Salad Dressing, Vegetable Oil, and Cooking Oil, etc. If natural stone is not sealed, and then chances are high that oil/tea/wine/coffee can easily penetrate the pores and leave unsightly reminders. Are you wondering how to do it? Let us check it out – 

  • Clean The Surface

Some steps are required to be performed before and during the sealing process. The first one is to make the surface clean and for this; you can make use of a granite sealer. A nicely clean surface makes it possible that sealing would be done nicely. In order to keep the natural stone long-lasting, regular polishing, as well as cleaning, should be done. Sealing is indeed straightforward. You may consult with the Natural Stone Pavers in case having any confusion. All you need to do is get a good-quality granite countertop cleaner, a granite sealer designed especially to resist water as well as oil-based stains and some clean rags. It should be done time-to-time so that you would not have to pay a huge amount. You should also follow the cleaner’s direction mentioned in it.  

  • Check The Seal Integrity

Before applying the seal, you must check what the seal integrity is of the natural stone. For this, go for a water testing method. Simply, pour some water on the granite surface to check the seal. Make sure that it is not going inside and remaining on the surface and it means that sealing has been done perfectly. After pouring the water in different places of the surface just waiting for at least half an hour. If you can see some rings like design or dark marks then there is the requirement of sealing.

  • Mask Off The Surface

After this, the next step is to mask off the surface of the natural stone that is not intended for the sealing application. If you have any granite-designed countertop then you are needed to first add a layer of coat. Make sure that the coating is even so you must make use of a roller. To do coating even, you just need to do it in an ideal way. Brush or a paint pad can also be used for this sealing purpose. For buffing application, you can also utilize lint-free cloth.

  • Let The Sealer Penetrate In To The Surface

Now, you must wait for another half an hour to let the sealer penetrate into the surface of the natural stone. You may go-ahead to have your tea or coffee in between to feel better and amazing. A second coat is always suggested for the stones that are more porous. Once the double coating is done, it will get sophisticatedly fixed. Once the first coat gets dried, again seal the entire surface with 2nd coat of sealer. Following this way enhance the strength of the sealing and it will not have any sort of issue following this. When the sealing process gets done, leave the stone to set for at least 24 hours. To be on the safe side, keep the stone untouched for 72 hours. It would be ideal if you do it during the day and leave for the night to get dry. 

  • Granite Shield – If you are going to fix Granite shield, it could be a bit tricky and that is why you must hire the expert to fix it. They do it in a proper way. It could be a bit complicated multi-step application process requiring several chemicals and that is why it is not ideal to do on its own.
  • Permatreat – And it requires application only by a certified technician as it is a bit expensive.
  • SunGard – It is quite simple and easy to do. The best thing is that it is quite easy and it is all about the one-step DIY application such as a standard sealer and least expensive.  You may try on this.

In The Last 

So, what are you waiting for? If you are going to have enough time in the coming days, then do make a plan to fix all this on your following the above-mentioned tips. Otherwise, you may call the experts if not have that much time. 

Emma Morrell is a creative and passionate writer at World of Stones USA. She loves to write on Home Decor and Home Improvement Category.