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Josh Sutton: At Elite Roofing & Restoration Services, It’s All About An Experience You Deserve



Elite Roofing & Restoration Services

If there’s one thing that Josh Sutton always says, it’s that at Elite Roofing & Restoration Services, they have proven what it takes to continue providing their clients with the private client experience they expect and deserve. For him, it takes leadership, teamwork, and excellence, and this is something they have been doing since 2018. More than that, their brand is tied to their reputation, and they take pride in making the roofing industry great again by providing solutions with integrity.

Originally from Grand Junction, Colorado, Josh was a former airline captain with over 5,000 hours of domestic and international aviation experience. Throughout his experiences, he learned the value of providing exceptional service with genuine care. And this level of service is what you can expect from Elite Roofing & Restoration Services. 

Josh devoted himself to supervising both residential and large commercial projects. His diverse experience guarantees clients the best results with their roofing challenges. At Elite Roofing & Restoration Services, they put priority in making sure they guide each client, step by step, throughout the entire insurance process. After making sure the whole process is transparent, they proceed by assuring that the rest of the complicated process is covered and well taken care of by his team. What makes Elite Roofing & Restoration Services a unique experience is how they are committed to personal service with exceptional results.   

Today, Elite Roofing & Restoration Services has become the leader in high-end insurance roofing and restoration. They offer solutions from start to finish in composition, all-speciality roofing, commercial, guttering, exterior, and interior roof replacements for homes that value from $1 to $5 million.  

Elite Roofing & Restoration Services is partnered and certified with multiple manufacturers. He also takes pride with his team, who are highly trained and the best at installation, with attention to detail, whether that’s a composition shingle roof, slate, or a large commercial roof system.

All while knowing that our clients expect to be treated at a concierge level. 

“My vision is that homeowners look at us and say to themselves, ‘That’s the company I wish would take on our project,'” he explains. “While the homeowners of homes greater than $5 million looks at my company and say ‘I don’t see any other company that advertises for the work they do and cater to my type of home so let’s meet with them to see if they would work on our home,'” he adds.

What was just a vision has become a reality, and Josh believes it’s with the people he has that makes all the difference. Josh, himself, is a homeowner that’s why he designed his company to be composed of communicative and proactive people who can efficiently install all speciality roofing with great attention to detail. Elite Roofing & Restoration Services consistently delivers a smooth and stress-free process and offers warranties that most contractors aren’t able to. Moreover, Elite Roofing & Restoration Services is virtual and offers VIP services to insurance and real estate agents and clients alike.

At Elite Roofing & Restoration Services, they believe that the home is one of the most significant investments anyone can make, and they are there to protect not just the home but also the homeowner.  

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